Cowsill Transcripts

Mike Douglas
September 15, 1969
Host: Mike Douglas

Mike: But seriously folks, the next singing group really believe in the old saying (you hear a crash) keep dropping things. No.

Man #1: Breaking Nikons

Mike: Did you break your lens?

Man #1: No, no

Mike: They really believe in the old saying, uh, keep it in the family. There are six children and Mom they've turned out some very big hit records. Ladies and gentlemen, The Cowsills.

Song: Silver Thread and Golden Needles (John)

Mike: I said in the introduction, six and Mom. And there are only five and Mom here, but there are how many more at home?

Barbara: Just two

Mike: And who are they?

Barbara: Bill, he's the oldest and Dick who just got out of the service.

Mike: And Mr. Cowsill

Paul: Well he's with us

Mike: He's with us.

Barbara: He's with us.

Mike: What does he do? Does he give the orders?

Susan: Yeah hee hee

Barbara: He's in charge of...

Paul: Production and reproduction

Barbara: Paul !!

Susan giggles

Barbara: Well he's in charge...

Mike: (to Paul) He's in charge of wise-cracks.

Barbara: No he takes care of logistics because there are so many of us when you travel. And uh settling arguments and all those good things.

Mike: How do you reprimand one that's this tall?

Barbara: What did you say?

Paul: She tries to hit me all the time and I just, I just hug her. And she's so close and her arms are like this so she can't touch me, but she yells for my father, "Bud, Bud, get this guy off me off my back", you know.

Mike: Let's introduce everybody

Barbara: OK I'm Barbara, mother

Susan: And I'm Susan

Paul: I'm Paul

John: I'm John haha

Barry: I'm Barry

Bob: I'm Bob

Irving: I'm Irving. (crowd laughs)

Mike: You're touring now for the summer. And you have travel how much this summer? Do you ever keep track of how many miles.

Barbara: Yeah we, yeah about 15,000 miles.

Paul: Right. At the end of this week it will be about 15,000 miles.

Mike: Who does most of the driving?

Paul: We all do. I mean those who are over 16.

Susan: I'm driving.

Mike: What do you in?

Paul: Well we have a truck

Mike: A truck?

Paul: A truck and a car. We just got a brand new truck and we got it two weeks ago and it already has 3,000 miles on it.

Mike: In two weeks?

Barbara: We're on a four month tour. We pick up a tutor in September and we finish the end of October. Going out through the Midwest, colleges, state fairs, and the reason that we travel the way that we do. We flew the last two years, but I heard that you can make money in this business and we're going to try.

Mike: Yeah, the other way you were breaking even.

Paul: We're the only group who works on welfare.

Barbara: Paul !!

Mike: That's two !! Must be obvious that the new show that's going on, I'm not sure what network it's on - it's not important, called The Partridge Family, is really kind of taken from your live, isn't it?

Barbara: Ummm

Paul: Yes it is

Susan: laughing Yes it is

Mike: Are you happy or mad about it?

Barbara: Oh they say flattery is the greatest form of uh - imitation is the greatest form of flattery. We saw the screening and it's done very well.

Mike: You keep a tutor very busy with this family, aren't ya?

Barbara: We sure do. Well there are two out of school. They're waiting to see what happens with the draft before they go off to college.

Paul: My number is 123 and the idea isnt' driving me wild.

Mike: You aren't married are you?

Paul: No

Barbara: That's Bob

Susan: He's 2 something 282 something

Bob: 283

Mike: 283 of my. Well we hope you all stay together because we love having you on the show. Is this a new record that you're going to perform for us now?

Barbara: Umm no ahhh We are right now in the process of renegotiating a new contract with recording companies or negotiating with recording companies. We have left MGM and we're going to have a new single in November with another recording company.

Mike: Tell me about this song, the title of which is 64.

Susan: Oh uh The Beatles did it.

Mike: When I'm 64 Ohhhhh

Susan: Right

Mike: See it only says 64 on the card and I'm trying to put it all together. That was a bad year.

Paul: And you thought that was Mom's age.

Mike: No I didn't. Will you stop that.

Barbara: That's three

Mike: That's three. He's out. You're finished. Here are The Cowsills once again.

Song: When I'm Sixty Four (Susan doing lead)

Mike: We'll be right back

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