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Dick Clark's Music Calendar
March 15, 2004
Host - Dick Clark

Dick: This is Dick Clark with our Musical Calendar for March 15 which was a very special day in 1969 for The Cowsills because that's when their hit Hair debuted on the charts. Bob and Susan Cowsill remember that because this was the first record upon which their family played all the instruments on and acted as arrangers and producers, their record company just couldn't take the single seriously.

Bob: Dad sent it to MGM and they said, "No way! You're dreaming! We're not releasing this."

Susan: You're a nice family band and we're not putting this blasphemous piece of ...

Bob: This is not The Cowsills. We were in Chicago and the disc jockey at WGM said, "Hey I'll play the thing, give it to me." And he wasn't suppose to do that because it wasn't realeased. And he put it on the air, got fired and everything, but they got a lot of requests for it.

Susan: So MGM went "Hey"

Bob: "Hey OK We'll put it out."

Dick: That was a good thing they did because Hair debuted on the chart for The Cowsills today in 1969 and eventually went gold. For our Music Calendar I'm Dick Clark.

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