Cowsill Transcripts

The Dick Clark's National Music Survey
October 3, 1982
Host: Dick Clark

Dick: National Music Survey and we're flashing back to 1967 with a family act. And the brother that played the keyboards told me once that their father worked two jobs and went deeply into debt to buy them all their electronic equipment. The only way for the performing family to get out of the whole was to take their show on the road to the college circuit. This is Paul Cowsill

Paul: And we got so far in debt that we had to hit the colleges. So we would go up to Brown University, set up in their courtyard during the spring, and start playing. And we played for three hours straight. My father would go around handing out these cards. The Cowsills – Play For Any Occasion. Weddings, birthdays, you know, get-togethers and stuff like this. We just got tons and tons – people calling in “Hey we got a frat party going on and we’d like you to come out." It was outrageous. It was sort of gregarious lookin' cuz my little brother we'd have to stand him up on the bass drum box to reach the mic. Just so he could be seen because everybody would be dancing. And we did that for about since 1962 to 1968.

Dick: And this is the thing that changed it for the Cowsill family or The Cowsills as they were known professionally. It was a #1 smash call "The Rain, The Park, And Other Things"

Song: The Rain, The Park and Other Things

Dick: 1967, how well I remember. "The Rain, The Park and Other Things" It's this hour's flashback from The Cowsills.

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