Cowsill Transcripts

The Nice Guy Show
February 9, 2006
Host: ???

Host: Sad to note the passing of Barry Cowsill, a member of the popular 1960's singing family The Cowsills. He was found dead last week on a wharf, nearly 4 months after he disappeared when Hurricane Katrina flooded New Orleans. He was 51. If you are not familiar with The Cowsills, back in the 60's, they just did some wonderful music. It was a difficult, turbulent time and these people managed to help us smile a little bit with beautiful harmonies. They say that the TV show The Partridge Family was based on The Cowsills. It was a mom and kids and they just sounded so nice. The had a bunch of hits. "Love American Style" "The Rain, The Park and Other Things" "We Can Fly" I'm guessing these guys are available at iTunes and other sources. I would say it's worth a couple three bucks to get these and enjoy a wonderful, sweet, happy sound. So sad to note the passing of Barry Cowsill.

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