Cowsill Transcripts

Outlaw Radio
March 2, 2013
Host: Matt Allen

Note: Some dialogue is hard to hear as they are talking over songs being played,talking over each other, and microphone issues.

Matt: The chronology is beyond belief and the things you kids Ė well youíre not a kid anymore Ė Iím looking over here going ĎLooks like a kid to meí

Bob: Survivor

Matt: Heís a survivor. Anyway, at 4:00 you are in for a real treat, because I am a fan of this man and The Cowsills. Itís a bittersweet story. It is a bittersweet story and a story that I have watched now 4 or 5 times

Joe : I havenít seen it.

Matt: Well it hasnít been on Showtime yet but I got a preview thanks to Howard Lapedis and ______

Howard: My pleasure.

Actual show start Ė Outlaw Radio

Matt: Louise will probably get a kick out of that. That was an impression of Rick (Rick Dees), even though Rick _____ every so often. And Rick is ďMagic Matt, I do these things for you and then you do an impression of me. Why canít you just play the real me?Ē Because the real you is to obnoxious.

Joe: Poor Rick

Matt: The great Rick Dees. I love living in Tuluca Lake ___________________ just drives me crazy. Itís Outlaw Radio and without warning, thereís the transition.

Joe: I like it. Makes it easy to hit a post.

Matt: Yeah, there is that thing. Is that mic working?

Bob: I donít think so.

Matt: Oh God Itís the place

Joe: I think it is. Just hit it.

Bob: Do I hit it?

Joe: Itís on. Heís got it.

Bob: Am I on?

Matt: He goes ďIs this a hit buddy?Ē Is this the one you hit?

Bob: Yes Hello

Matt: Yes sheís on now.

Bob: Can I be heard in Outlaw Land?

Joe: Did I tell you how many times? Eight

Matt: He was like ďIs this a hit?Ē Joe could be fired this way.

Bob: I used to make amplifiers work by hitting them.

Matt: Oh yeah, cords and stuff.

Bob: Oh I went off again. This is going to be an hour of this.

Matt: Bob, youíre on. Youíre good.

Bob: Iím sorry

Matt: Youíre gonna love ÖÖ..

Joe: Donít even look at it.

Bob: Itís not even there.

Matt: What now, here you are.

Bob: No, in my mind

Joe: No, I told him not to look at it.

Bob: Look normal and just kinda, you know

(several talking at once, canít understand)

Matt: The great Bob Cowsill and will bring him on properly Ö

Bob: Thank you

Matt: Ö if you donít mind.

Bob: I donít.

Matt: Lori, I miss you!

Bob: Matt

Matt: Yes sir

Bob: I didnít know who it was.

Matt: I passed out

Kip: Scream at yourself, like you do Lori.

Bob: Iím glad sheís not here.

Matt: ďD*** it Matt, you A-hole. You have no idea what youíre doing.

Song: Hair

Matt: Might have been a bigger hit though. Amazing

Bob: I like that

Matt: Whoís this?

Kip: I know the song. I know the band. I spent a lot of time on the roads.

Matt: Louise Palanker, have you ever met Kip Odotta?

Louise: Kip Odotta, youíre famous!

Matt: Oh heís not on. Sheís not on. I said HE because it look a little like David Spade. Sorry Louise, hold on a second.

Louise: I donít want to be a boy.

Bob: Is the audience still listening?

???: Yes they are.

Bob: What is happening is that Matt has just left his booth. Now heís the producer. Heís in the producers booth making some adjustments.

Matt: Iím back being a host.

Bob: And now Matt the host. Heís the multi hatted Matt.

Louise: Thatís Kip Adotta and heís quite famous.

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