Cowsill Transcripts

Solid Gold Scrapbook
June 1-7, 1991
Host - Dave Charity

Dave: We're exploring the music charts of this week in 1969. And of the the songs on those charts belonged to the family group The Cowsills. Bob and Susan Cowsill say they finally got to play on that record.

Bob: When Hair came out, we finally got in there. And The Rain, The Park and Indian Lake, those were studio musicians. You know, because we were young and we played real well but you know when you go in the studio you got to keep meter. There are certain rule and you gotta be hot.

Susan: Those were the 60's they had

Bob: And there were some hot musicians back then.

Susan: Right and that's just how you did it back then anyway.

Bob: And they did it. So with Hair we took control and it wasn't like, you know, we sat down and said, "That's it. We've had it. We're taking control." It just ended up that we were getting older and we did it for a TV special so it's not like it was being seen over by the record company. We were going into the studio to record a song for a TV special.

Song: Hair

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