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Showbiz Tonight
January 5, 2006
Host: A. J. Hammer and Brooke Anderson

Hammer: Tonight, breaking news in the search for a former teen heartthrob. Barry Cowsill: his disappearance, the desperate search and new tragic developments. SHOWBIZ TONIGHT with the latest heartbreaking news.

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Anderson: Coming up on SHOWBIZ TONIGHT, a musical mystery comes to a shattering conclusion. We will have the latest developments in the search for `60s teen heartthrob Barry Cowsill.

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Anderson: And a startling conclusion to a gut-wrenching mystery. The disappearance of `60s singer Barry Cowsill reaches its last chapter. We`ll have the latest on the story that has gripped fans across the nation. Coming up.

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Anderson: Plus, from heartthrob to heartbreak. The latest on the disappearance of `60s singing sensation Barry Cowsill. We`ll bring you the heart wrenching twist in a mystery that has gripped millions.

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ANDERSON: And I`m Brooke Anderson in Hollywood. And you are watching TV`s only live entertainment news show.

A.J., tonight, we have breaking news in the search of Barry Cowsill, the former teen heartthrob. You know, he disappeared during Hurricane Katrina. His family didn`t know what happened to him. And now we will have the latest developments on where he went, what really did happen to Barry Cowsill.

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Anderson: Tonight, heartbreaking news in the case of missing former `60s teen heartthrob Barry Cowsill. He went missing over four months ago when Hurricane Katrina struck New Orleans. His family pleaded for his return on SHOWBIZ TONIGHT, but tonight, they are mourning his loss.


Anderson (voice-over): They were the famous `60s pop group, best known for hits "Indian Lake" and "Hair." A family of singers, the inspiration for the TV show, "The Partridge Family." But reality didn`t mirror fiction, and Barry Cowsill, the troubled teen idol of the group, checked out, described by the family as a wanderer. Then Katrina struck.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Downtown New Orleans...

Anderson: In the midst of all these devastating images was Barry Cowsill, in New Orleans when the hurricane hit. And then, this haunting video on A shot of someone looking very much like Barry outside the New Orleans convention center made the Cowsills certain that Barry was alive. Barry`s brother, Bob, and sister, Susan, came to SHOWBIZ TONIGHT to plead for help in finding him.

Bob: I thought it was him, 1,000 percent. I mean, I cried when I saw that thing.

Anderson: Adding to the heartbreak, frantic messages left on Susan`s voice mail. She told SHOWBIZ TONIGHT she was unable to receive any phone calls because of the storm.

Susan: He basically was just pretty freaked out, asking for us to come get him. He was pretty panicky, pretty scared. It was heartbreaking, because I didn`t get those messages. And then, after that, I just sat by that phone.

Anderson: He never called back. Just days after Christmas, four months after the storm hit, police found him. Barry Cowsill`s body was found in New Orleans on the banks of the Mississippi River, just now positively identified by dental records.

And moments ago, SHOWBIZ TONIGHT spoke with Susan Cowsill in New Orleans about the devastating news.

Susan: We are very close family in the most strangest way, I guess. A lot of people don`t even think we are. And Barry was our free spirit, our orbiter. He was on a path to try and turn his life around. And then the winds started blowing, and I think it was all a little too overwhelming. We don`t know what happened.

Anderson: But on their Web site, once a site for news postings on Barry, are now postings of grief. The family writes of their sadness and an outpouring of grief from fans.

One fan, thankful, saying, quote, "I have much gratitude to Barry and the Cowsills for providing some of the soul-sweetening music from my childhood that to this day brings me joy when I hear it."

Another fan from Massachusetts writes, "He touched so many lives with his poetic justice."

A third fan from California remembers, "Barry`s memories and music will live on in the hearts and spirits of many, many people."


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