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Visual Girl - Interview with Susan
February 5, 1971
Host: Unknown

TV Listing


Oxnard, California
February 7, 1971

Song: On My Side

Host: . . . It might be fun so hereís the girl in the group, Susan Cowsill.

Interviewer: Hi, thanks for coming today

Susan: Thanks for being here.

Interviewer: How Iíd like to know how you feel, I donít know, just to be 11-years-old and youíre already a big star and ____________. Is it fun?

Susan: Itís a little fun. Itís not really different. You travel a lot and you sing, but when youíre home you just do the same old stuff. Oh I donít know ÖÖ.. oh Iím sorry.

Interviewer: What are your friends at home think of you being a star? Are you just the same to them?

Susan: Oh, just the same, really. Well _________ (giggles) Well the only really thing different is like the traveling because youíre not always in the house or at school. Joy (giggles) No, love school.

Interviewer: Do you find that a lot of girls just want to meet you because youíre Susan Cowsill or anything?

Susan: I donít find they want to meet me because Iím Susan. You see like girls are writing me these letters, ďOh Susan I love the way you danceĒ or something cute and then at the end they put P.S. ďSend me an autograph picture of Barry and JohnĒ (laughs)

Interviewer: Susan, are you temperamental?

Susan: Iím moody, yes, oh Iím only kidding. I donít find myself very temperamental.

Interviewer: How do you get along with your brothers?

Susan: With them Iím very temperamental. (giggles) Well, you know Ė anybody have any brothers? Well if you donít have a brother instead of growing up as a girl, you grow up sort of as a _______ (giggles)

Interviewer: Especially if youíre the youngest. Does your family fight a lot? Or little arguments?

Susan: _________ Well like Barry Ė well like regular Ė like you said Ė I get like koooood (giggles and unable to understand)

Interviewer: How did you guys start out?

Susan: Oh this is a long one. My Dad was in the Navy for 20 years. And he went to a lot of places like Spain and stuff like that, right? And he brought back a guitar and my brother Bill it up and you know strum, sturm, sturm (giggles) (tape break) and it went on and one and then Barry, he thought they were really great, and he wanted to join the group but there was nothing for him to do. So he got a couple spoons and a bongo and he started beating on Ďem. (canít understand) and then it started out to be _____ sticks. So there were two guitars, three voices and some drums.

Interviewer: When did you join the group?

Susan: Oh Iím coming in later. And then John, he wanted to join but he ____ crap ____ light ____ drums. And he was really good at it, but there was nothing for Barry to do, you see, so we thought and thought and bought Barry a bass. There was four now. And then my Mom, I think it was. Yes, my Mom, she had a really nice voice but she had to do the dishes. And so they said, ďFor every song that you sing, weíll buy you a new dress.Ē So Ö she hasnít gotten one yet, except the dress she paid for, but _________. Then she was in the group. And then came me Ė I Ė then I came in and see I pleaded and pleaded and pleaded, you know. And then my brother Paul Ė see heís usually football, you know. He likes to play football, but he has a good voice I guess. I mean YES he does have a good voice. And so he sort of played the organ and then he picked up the bass and see thereís a lot of switching going on. And so here we are.

Interviewer: Do you write your own songs?

Susan: Well most of them. Sometimes, you know, other people write them sometimes. Like ďThe Rain, The Park and Other ThingsĒ, a man called Artie Kornfeld wrote that. But see we wrote most of them.

Interviewer: Well how long does (it take to do one)? Like a week?

Susan: No, see like we can ____. We get out of school at 12:45. And well, we usually get from 1 till 9 at night and if it takes longer, well it usually doesnít, but thatís OK. And it takes that to do a couple songs. Because they have to do the tracks, you know Ė thatís the music Ė and then we have to do the backgrounds and have to do a lead on all of the tracks.

Interviewer: What do you see for your plans as The Cowsills?

Susan: Well we plan on going on an European tour, all over the place.

Interviewer: That will be fun. Have a good time. Have you been there before?

Susan: Yeah, we played at San Remo Festival in Italy. And then we went to England and we saw a whole bunch of stuff. The catacombs, that was a little (dead) (canít understand)

Interviewer: (canít understand)

Susan: Yeah itís a lot of fun, because like not many Ė like Mom, my family (canít understand). And the kids are back there and I come back and Iíll turn to this little picture in a book and I think, well my Dad said itís more educational.

Interviewer: Ohhhh good word.

Susan: Well because youíre seeing it (canít understand) and that little guy who had a hump in him. And you know the cages where they kept the lions? Well, there were like cats sticking out of those big ___ they used to have. Eioew Eioew

Interviewer: Oh wow What instrument are you playing in the group right now?

Susan: Well, sometimes I play the bass and then I sing and (canít understand)

Interviewer: Susan, weíre all out of time. Hope you come back and see us again. I want to ask you one more question. What do you feel like when you come out in front of all those people, when youíre in a concert?

Susan: Well, well itís not Ė itís coming Ė uh uh - Oh boy (giggles) Itís relaxing because all those people, theyíre just really nice, and they smile and you can feel Ė well good.

Interviewer: (canít understand) and I hope you come back.

Susan: OK

Interviewer: And weíll be right back.

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