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December 1, 2005
Host: Greg Bass

Susan: You know, I don't know how many of us are back. We've already played down here, in New Orleans. We played at The Carrollton Station doing our Covered In Vinyl thingy that we do down there this month. And it was a packed house, you know. Now, I dare say that it probably has to do with that there aren't that many venues open yet. And perhaps not that many of us back. But I feel the musical community, mostly will thrive very well down here. We're cleaning up quick. It's coming together really nicely.

Greg: I understand your home was flooded in the storm. When are you guys going to be able to go home?

Susan: Wellllll To that home proper, we're not. But we are, you know, it, it got pretty wet. And we only rent at this point and the house will not be healthfully inhabitable. So we are currently, here in New Orleans, among a million other things, looking for a new home to either purchase or rent so that we can come back in January 'cuz our childrens' school starts up the first week of January, which is awesome. So, we want to be back in time for that. But we're definitely not going back to the mid city house 'cuz it's a mess.

Greg: Now when you perform at the Moonlight Music Cafe tomorrow night, will you still be using borrowed instruments?

Susan: Oh well borrowed or gifted. I mean people have been incredibly generous. They didn't just loan 'em. They handed them over. My husband, Russ's drum set, it's brand new to him but it's a vintage Slingerland somebody gave him cuz they found out he lost his vintage Ludwig. And my guitar, my electric guitar came from my good buddy Jackson Browne. He overnighted it to us for our first gig when we went out right after the storm. And I know our guitar player, Chris, has been gifted all kinds of stuff. People have been amazingly generous. So, but yeah, it's new stuff. And also Music Cares, which is an organization - it's a Grammy-based organization but it's a wonderful organization that has helps out musicians at any time - but has really come to the aid of all of us in the form of financial aid for equipment and whatever else we need really. They've been amazing.

Greg: Your new CD is titled Just Believe It. You got backing vocals on the new disc from Adam Duritz of Counting Crows and Lucinda Williams. How did these collaborations come about?

Susan: Oh they're just buddies of mine. We're all - you know - I mean Adam Druitz was a big Continental Drifters fan. He came to Jazz Fest. We met him at a Jazz Fest one year and he was one of 10 people left standing out in a pouring rain with a garbage bag over his head at one of our Jazz Fest gigs. And he came backstage after that and took his bag off his head. And low and behold there he was. It was Adam. And he's been a fan and a friend for many years. And you know, we've done a lot of playing with him on his gigs when he comes to town. He likes to come at Jazz Fest and he usually puts together some gigs around town and Russ and I have played with him quite a bit. So, you know, it was natural to call him up and go, "Hey, come on and play on my stuff." And he was ready, willing and able to do so. And Lucy is just another old friend that we've known forever. And in her case I really really really heard her voice in particular on the cut that she's on, which is called "Nanny's Song." I could really just hear her singing it, so it was - and if I had not I don't know if I would have called her and ask her to sing, quite honestly, you know it just. And she did an amazing job and she's very supportative of the work and I appreciate it greatly.

Greg: Susan we're looking forward to the performance in Birmingham.

Susan: So are we.

Greg: OK we'll see you tomorrow night at the Moonlight Music Cafe.

Susan: Excellent, wonderful. Thank you so much Greg. I appreciate it. Thank you very much for putting out the positive vibes.

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