Cowsill Transcripts

John and Susan Cowsill On WFMU
August 24, 1990
Jersey City, New Jersey

Chris: Did you think your brothers were tough and stuff when you were young? Did you …

Susan: Yeah I had big crushes on all of them. I still do. They’re cool !

Chris: Yeah They’re cool dudes.

Susan: They are cool dudes.

Chris: They way they are standing and posing on this on this cover.

Susan: Don’t they look bad.

Chris: They got - like – their flared legs

Susan: I know I know.

John: Well you skuz bucket

Susan: I think you better talk to John now. He’s getting testy

Chris: Well they’re not extravangently flared. They’re not elephant clothes

Susan: OK hold on. I’m losing control

John: Man how old are you?

Chris: These flared legs are back in style now

John: Chris, Chris

Chris: Me?

John: Man how old are you?

Chris: I’m 28, just old enough to remember The

John: You’re a young buck w*****

Chris: The Rain …

Susan: Hey hey hey – you who can’t even discuss this.

Chris: Is he getting mad because I said something about flared jeans?

Susan: No, but you’re just a baby. What do you know about The Cowsills?

Chris: My sister had all your singles. She had The Rain The Park and Other Things

Susan: Who did?

Chris: My sister

Susan: I thought you were going to say your Mom and I was going to hang up on you. (laughs)

Chris: No, my sister. She was heavy into the Cowsills.

Susan: Like Michael J Fox’s sister was into us, your sister was into us. OK cool

Chris: Yeah She used to write her name on … You know how girls would write their name on everything they owned.

Susan: Pretty goofy huh?

Chris: So, every record she had said Diana on it. But, but she had Indian Lake , The Rain, The Park and Other Things of course and …

Susan: And now did you think we were cool?

Chris: I always liked song The Rain, The Park and Other Things actually Are you guys going to do that tonight?

Susan: We’re going to do first song tonight, don’t be late. For real.

Chris: Do some of it on the phone

Susan: Oh OK John get the harp out.

(Susan laughs and then does mouth harp songs as John sings in the background. John starts to sing weird)

Susan: You’re crazy.

Chris: That’s great.

Susan: Wasn’t that awesome.

Chris: Over the phone even sounds good

Susan: Almost like the record huh?

Chris: It gave me chills. His voice hasn’t changed or anything. That’s wonderful.

Susan: He’s proud of himself. He sang that when he was 8 and he sounds the same. I’m impressed.

Chris: He doesn’t have to worry about coming out and going (sounds old) uh uh uhhhgg

Susan: We have that benefit of actually been children when we had our band, so we’re not even old people yet. OK hun

Chris: Thank you

Susan: Thanks for playing those records.

Chris: And now we’re going to play Heather Says

Susan: Are you really? Thanks honey

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