Cowsill Transcripts

March 2006
Host: Scott Westerman

Scott: If you're somehow disconnected from American popular culture in 1968 and '69, it's likely you've never heard of The Cowsills. They were the real life family band that was the inspiration for TV's Partridge Family and they charted five time on keener in their brief 18-month prime.

On January 5th we learned that one of the victums of Hurricane Katrina was the bass player, Barry Cowsill. Then a few weeks ago it was announced that the lead singer, Bill Cowsill, had passed away after a long illness.

Although The Cowsills were largely ignored by the rock press, they recorded songs that you probably remember. And, in honor of Barry, here's a musical slice of The Cowsills legacy.

Scott: "We Can Fly," "Love, American Style," "The Rain, The Park, and Other Things," "Indian Lake," and "Hair." Five from the '60s band called The Cowsills. Barry Cowsill passed away, a victum of Hurricane Katrina in the fall of 2005. And lead singer, Bill Cowsill, passed away a few weeks ago after a long illness.

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