Cowsill Transcripts

Milwaukee, Wisconsin
June 23, 2006
Host: Tom ???

Tom: ..... We are tickled pink and thrilled to have Susan Cowsill, the much beloved singer and songwriter. And I promised her I a brilliant introduction and now I’ve screwed it up. But we are really ticked pink and thrilled to have Susan Cowsill and her band here. They are going to be performing in Port Washington tonight for the Freeport Music Friday Night Concerts. So check it out. We’re looking forward to it. Here is Susan Cowsill.

Song: Just Believe It

Susan: Yeeeeeep Just a wee bit. (phone rings) Hello Is it me you’re looking for? Another song. OK good. Well the next song we’re going to do is – am I playing another song? Is that what’s happening? Is somebody saying yes? OK Sweet Alright then we’re going to do a song called “Crescent City Snow” about the beautiful Crescent City.

Song: Crescent City Snow

Susan: OK We’re going to just keep playing, huh? I didn’t know that (can’t understand) OK What did we say we are doing next? “River of Love” and so it is. And what did we say that was? What was the (can’t understand)? How did we do that? It was one because – Oh one down, I got it. This is a song by none other than, my brother, Barry Cowsill.

Song: River Of Love

Susan: Yeah “River Of Love” ladies and gentleman. All the way from New Orleans. One more, is that right? Okay dokey. This is the anti-rain dance song, so nothing happens bad in the weather here today. The beautiful Freeport Music Summer Concert Series where we will be performing this evening. Me, Susan Cowsill, and her band the Susan Cowsill. I think we go on around 8:30 if I’m not mistaken. And if I am …..

???: The concert is from 7-10

Susan: Yeah but do we go on from 7-10? Three hours of me. I’m looking forward to it. Oh we have an opening act, that’s good. Who is it?

???: Poor J

Susan: Poor J and me and they’re very good. Ya’ll come out. It’s a beautiful day.

Russ: We want to say hello to all fellow evacuees from New Orleans

Susan: Yeah all fellow evacuees from New Orleans. I didn’t know we weren’t going to talk so I wouldn’t have been talking a lot more. But I’ll make up for it later so come out and see us. “Rain” people.

Song: The Rain Song

Tom: Alright Live on WMSE Susan Cowsill She just got through playing live in our studio. I’m Tom. I’m sittin’ in for Chickacheck (???) along with Johnny Z and we just got through listening to the lovely sounds of Susan Cowsill and she’s going to come in and talk to us for a minute. And playing up in Port Washington tonight and we’ll give you information about that. You’re listening to WMSE WSE in Milwaukee 91.7 FM. It’s concert radio. I’m Tom and I’m sitting here with Johnny Z. We’ve just had the opportunity to have so many wonderful live performance. We’re going to play and message and we’ll be right back with more music.

Susan: Oh

Tom: mounted head phone

Susan: Oh that feels good. That (can’t understand)

Tom: You’re listening to WMSE 97.1 FM and it’s six minutes before the hour of 12 and we got Susan Cowsill in the studio with us. How are you doing?

Susan: I’m good. I’m ready to talk now.

Tom: You’re ready to talk now?

Susan: I was ready to talk before.

Tom: You’ve been – without having to go through the entire history – singing all your life.

Susan: Yes

Tom: You started, of course, with the family, The Cowsills.

Susan: Family, yes.

Tom: And then in the 70’s and 80’s roll around. What happens?

Susan: Well we dropped out of school. We got a record deal on Warner Brothers for a minute and we do some bad covers of Carole King and then we paused briefly to have a personal life briefly and then we recorded a bevy of fantastic people throughout the 70’s and 80’s.

Tom: Like Dwight Twilley

Susan: Dwight Twilley, The Smithereens, and who else? Jewels And then later on Hootie and the Blowfish and just a bunch of people because that’s what I do.

Tom: How did The Continental Drifters happen?

Susan: Continental Drifters were in the early – late 90’s.

Tom: With Peter Holsapple

Susan: Peter Holsapple my fantastic ex-husband and friend and Vicki Peterson, who is now my sister-in-law and, of course, Russ Broussard who is the drummer. And we did that for about 10 years and then I took a little break and …

Tom: You guys from New Orleans or ended up in New Orleans?

Susan: Ended up in New Orleans

Tom: Ended up in New Orleans. What an awesome city.

Susan: Yes it is

Tom: I don’t think we need to (can’t understand) I went there for the very first time this year for the Jazzfest and I have a new girlfriend.

Susan: From Jazzfest?

Tom: No, New Orleans (can’t understand)

Susan: Oh I understand. She’s quite a chick. She’s a hot chick.

Tom: Wow !

Susan: We’re back home now and we are kindof restarting promoting the record that kind of got orphaned – it came out in October.

Tom: Just Believe It?

Susan: Just Believe It came out in October and it was a very crazy time in our universe.

Tom: It was and I think considering where you’re from, the record is completely worthy of a second, third and forth look.

Susan: I appreciate that very much. So, we’re out here with some new guys. We’re dropping them off at the Grayhound tomorrow afternoon. No, I’m just kidding. The wonderful Tad Armstrong and Aaron Stroup. They’re great. They’re amazing actually. In fact we’re dropping Russ and I off at the bus station and they’re going to carry on, as me.

Tom: Well the sounds are great and – yeah they’re pointing now and –

Susan: I’m sure they are

Tom: They’re pointing.

Susan: Forgive me for now understand that we were not going to talk during the songs. So, that’s why I screwed up.

Tom: That’s OK

Susan: I just had to say that.

Tom: No, it’s fine. We used to do two songs and then chat. Have a little fireside between the songs. But we sort of like the glory of the live room. Just do it.

Susan: It was exciting and it was very live radio the way I was not knowing what I was doing and laughing and then messing up. I love it too.

Tom: Sort of “Surprise!”

Susan: (can’t understand) You guys!

Tom: Well yeah the UFO’s will come later.

Susan: Hey what’s that with the UFO’s? Do we have them here?

Tom: No

Susan: Oh I thought from the sound (laughs)

Tom: Tonight you’re playing in Port Washington at the Freeport Music Festival

Susan: We’ve already been there once today. It’s beautiful.

Tom: We just figured we wanted everyone up – we don’t want anyone to stop in Milwaukee so we barricaded every exit and onramp possible. Just trying to get out of here. Get out of here. You have to get off in another zip code just to come to the downtown area. That’s my little rant. I’m done.

Susan: It’s a beautiful city. We were enjoying your architecture very much.

Tom: Tonight Freeport Music Veteran's Memorial Park Band Shell downtown Port Washington.

(tape break)

Susan: ... I don't know how to do anything else.

Tom: That's good to hear.

Susan: I've been a waitress. You don't want me to be your waitress.

Tom: (laughs) yeah I was a former baker and - naw you don't want me to make your donuts either. Susan Cowsill thank you. Russ thank you very much. You guys are awesome. Remember Milwaukee - head up to Port Washington tonight. The Veteran's Memorial Park Band Shell, downtown Port Washington, 7 PM Poor J and Susan Cowsill opening up

Susan: And if you want to get in the car and follow me all summer long, you can go to and the itinerary is there.

Tom: How do they get a hold of the record?

Susan: Oh it is everywhere. I mean it is ....

Tom: Tower Records, Borders

Susan: Yeah Tower Records, Borders, Tower Records and Borders

Russ: iTunes

Tom: Excellent

Russ: It took awhile because right after Hurricane Katrina, right at the time of release, we had Rita, which is where the CD's were being made.

Susan: It was a problem

Russ: And shipping

Susan: Also we have them in our trunk.

Russ: Yes we do.

Tom: You'll be selling them tonight

Russ: We will be selling them tonight. That's the easiest way.

Susan: And really cute t-shirts.

Tom: Susan and Russ, you guys are awesome. Thanks a lot

Susan: Thank you very much. We appreciate it

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