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WWL Radio
New Orleans, Louisiana
Susan Interview
March 15, 2017
Host: Scoot

Scoot: Susan Cowsill from The Cowsills is joining us live on WWL. Susan welcome to our show.

Susan: Hi Scoot. How are you today?

Scoot: I’m good. So here’s what happen. Yesterday I’m talking about … I’m talking to Chuck from Three Dog Night and Susan sends me a text at home last night and says, “Hey I can call in for ya.” So we set this up last night. So Susan is partly responsible for producing this show today. So we’re going to talk to Chuck in a few minutes, but how do you know Chuck?

Susan: Well about four years ago me and the two brothers that are still functionally The Cowsills, along with me and a few other people, we got asked to be on the Happy Together Tour which is a classic 60s rock tour produced by the Turtles, Howard Kaylan and Mark Voman. And what it is – is like a cavalcade of stars That we start out at the IP in Biloxi every year. They have a house band for the tour and then there’s six of us old people who come out and rock everybody. And Chuck Negron is on that tour and he has been for the last couple of years so we’ve been bus pals. And that’s how I know Mr. Negron. And I heard you talking about his wonderful book and you know I always text you when I'm interested in what's going on. And here we are, me and you.

Scoot: And so I do have a text here Susan, that says “Going to see Chuck on the Happy Together Tour at the IP with the Turtles Mark Lindsay, Gary Puckett, The Assocation, The Cowsills and The Archies.” What’s the date on that?

Susan: That is going to be – I believe – June 9th this year …. one of the few days off this each year. But, we start there which is so much fun.

Scoot: You and I need to talk because I need to be there.

Susan: Yeah, you do. Come out. Be my little guest. Cool. I’m so excited about this because … this is the coolest thing because that book is very wonderful. Quite inspiring. You know I’ve 5 years sober myself so, you know, I find it very fun to hang out with Chuck on the bus because we have a lot to talk about.

Scoot: So when there’s a tour bus like that and there’s people of the opposite sex on the same bus, is there any temptation?

Susan: Heck no. We’re too old for that kind of stuff.

Scoot: Come on. They got pills.

Susan: (Giggles) Pills for the guys but I haven’t found anything. No Back in the day, you bet ya, but seriously this is out trying to get our shows done before we need to take our meds and fall into the bunks. I’m the bus mom. I make sure guys _____ wonderful guys as well. It is such a blast too. And a honor.

Scoot: That’s a great throw back thing. I’m ran into you a couple times recently and it’s been fun to run into you and talk to you. I think about when I was a kid watching you on television, singing the song “Hair” which was from the rock musical ‘Hair.’ In fact Three Dog Night, one of the songs that I’m going to play for a buffer song this hour is “Easy To Be Hard” which was also a song from the rock musical ‘Hair.’ That was a big hit for Three Dog Night.

Susan: Sure was.

Scoot: So when you were touring, when you were The Cowsills and you had a couple of hits out, and you were young, what was your biggest challenge?

Susan: Trying to get my workbooks from school passed up to the older brothers to fill out so that when we went home I could slide into home base without too much trouble.

Scoot: So you cheated.

Susan: So God. It’s a story within itself. In fact we do have a documentary out so if you want to go out and look up The Cowsills: Family Band documentary, it kind of tells the whole story. The biggest challenge? There wasn’t any. _____ some undercurrent things. My father was a very abusive guy. We had a very interesting side story going on but that’s for another day. My biggest problem was trying to find somebody to take me Trick or Treating after the show. And that happen a couple of times out in the US. My Dad did hook me up with a couple of fans so after the show we’d run out and grab some candy.

Scoot: So your Dad just turned you over to fans and the fans took you?

Susan: No, no, no, no Not turned me over, but certainly escorted. But here’s the deal. Scoot back in the day, people were neighborly and it was all almost safe to go Trick or Treating with someone you met. You know what I'm saying?

Scoot: I remember those days.

Susan: Yeah, not like that anymore. But life has been a wonderful ride and I’ve been in ____ for 25 years and I’m so excited that you’re going to be talking to Chuck because I love your show so much. You bring awareness and insight and all kinds of news.

Scoot: Susan I appreciate those kind words and it’s always great to run into you. I will see you June the 9th at IP.

Susan: Cool

Scoot: I will promise to be there.

Susan: And I will be in touch before then and you tell Chuck I said “Remember to bring lots of clean socks this summer.”

Scoot: Clean socks. I’m going to remind him of that. Dirty socks?

Susan: Well I do their laundry sometimes. These boys, just sometimes.

Scoot: I should be touring with you. I should have you in my life (giggles) Susan it was great to talk to you and we’ll talk again soon.

Susan: OK man OK Bye

Scoot: Susan Cowsill

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