Updates 2004

Please join us in signing our petition for The Cowsills Induction Into the Rock and Roll Hall Of Fame! (9/17/04) We have posted a rough Cowsill timeline as part of the Hall of Fame project. If you have any additions/changes please email me !! (9/25/04)

  • December 2004: Happy Holidays! I've change the font so hopefully most things are now easier to read. I've added in lyrics to Susan's new CD Just Believe It. I also reworked the index page for the lyrics. Four compilations added and the 4-H Phamphlet contents added to the miscellaneous memorabilia. (12/1/04) | Four compilations, two promo ads, and the liner notes from the 45s on CD.(12/3/04) | Read the latest newspaper article about Susan. (12/4/04) | Two magazine article and one newspaper article added (thanks Jen!). (12/5/04) | The compilation page was split out and three compilations added. Also one newspaper article added. (12/8/04) | Two Italian picturesleeves, two Cowsill and two Billy links, and one "also contributed" to added. (12/11/04) Part 2: Susan's February tour in Europe dates added. (12/11/04) | A transcript of Billy's CKUA interview posted. (12/14/04) | One newspaper article added. (12/15/04) | Three compilations, three Cowsill links and on pinup added. (12/16/04) | Two newspaper articles added. (12/18/04) | Billy's CD info added. Also a upcoming show for Barry and one promo photo. (12/22/04)

  • November 2004: November has to come early this time. The magazine index page was redesigned, one picturesleeve, three magazine articles, one midi link, twelve Cowsill links, four Susan links, and five compilations added. (actually 10/27/04) | Four compilations and the liner notes for Blue Northern, As Is, and Just Believe It added. (11/14/04) | A review of Susan added. (11/17/04) | One also contributed to and five newspaper articles added. (11/18/04) | One newspaper article added. (11/19/04) | Two sheet music pictures, one miscellaneous memorabilia, and one promo ad added. (11/21/04) | New Susan Cowsill show added. (11/26/04)

  • October 2004: A Tic-Tac-Toe game added, two compilations, and three books added. (10/1/04) | Thirteen newspaper articles, one magazine article, and one new band added on John's page. Thanks Lynn!!! (10/3/04) | One miscellaneous memorabilia added. Want to help with the Hall of Fame project? Here's some ways to do that. (10/4/04) | The Boston Herald annouces The Cowsills for the Red Sox game. This is one of two newspaper articles added. (10/5/04) | Four compilations, one video, one promo ad, and one art work added. (10/9/04) | One magazine article (thanks Marsha!) and two newspaper article added. (10/10/04) | One newspaper article added. (10/11/04) | Yet one more newspaper article added. (10/13/04) | Yep another newspaper article added. (10/14/04) | One John and one Susan link, one book, one magazine, three compilations, and two miscellaneous memorbilia added. (10/16/04) | One more newspaper articles added. (10/16/04 PM) | Post game newspaper article added. (10/17/04 very early AM) | Three newspaper articles added. (10/18/04)

  • September 2004: A liner notes section started. Also a new John pinup, one newpaper article, and five trivia questions. (9/1/04) | Four magazine articles, the LP liner noted from The Cowsills LP, two compilations, and two pinups added. (9/4/04) | Three Cowsill links and one newspaper article added. (9/5/04) | Two magazine articles, one Susan and one Cowsill link added. (9/6/04) | Two compilations and one picturesleeve added. (9/10/04) | My 'A Family Thing 2' comments added. (9/16/04) | Two newspaper articles, one picturesleeve, and four Cowsill links added. (9/19/04) | One newspaper article added. (9/21/04) | A Barry link and info added. (9/25/04)

  • August 2004: An art/Frenchy Freakies page added. Some links removed and one added to the parody page, some additional data added to the Did You Know page, two books, and five magazines added. (8/1/04) | Two Miscellaneous Memorabilia, one compilation added. Also more info on the 45s page, the lps page and another Susan show. (8/2/04) | Check out this radio show Susan recorded July 31th!! (8/3/04) | Five magazine articles, four books, one poster, and a review of Susan's Band from Arlington, VA added. (8/6/04) | Two compilations, one book, one EP with it's picturesleeve, one Susan link and three Cowsill links added. (8/7/04) | A page was added with shots from Susan's Blue Moon gig via the webcam. (8/7/04) | Info on Susan's European 2004 Tour and one link added. (8/8/04) | Check out a pictures of Susan's Tour T-shirts. (8/10/04) | Three miscellaneous memorabilia, one video, one picturesleeve, four compilations, and one promo added. (8/16/04) | Info on Susan's new CD added to her links page and to the CD's page. (8/17/04) | Barry info, one CD, two compilations, three Cowsill and one John links, credits page modified, and one Barry pinup added to the pinup page. (8/23/04)

  • July 2004: A second Jigsaw Puzzle, Susan info (make sure to check the link with the webcam), five Cowsill links, three Did You Know facts, link to TRTP&OT chords, four pinups and one promo picture added. (7/1/04) | One picturesleeve, one Did You Know fact, one book, three Cowsill links, one link each for Bill, Bob, Barry (and some gig info) and three John links added. (7/3/04) | Two trivia questions, three posters, two magazine articles and two newspaper articles (Singing For A 2nd Chance and With Shadows, Cowsill Sees The Light) added. (7/4/04) | Two more magazine articles, one newspaper and two Did You Know facts added. (7/5/04) | Reference found, Cowsill comments added to the book, two compilations, two pinups, one miscellaneous memorabilia, and one promo picture added. (7/16/04) | Four compilations, two 'also contributed to', one Susan link and one miscellaneous memorabilia added. (7/23/04) | Three magazine articles and info added to two facts on the Did You Know page. (7/24/04)

  • June 2004: A Silhouette Game, two magazine articles, one poster, and an Interview with Artie Kornfeld in 1968 added. (6/1/04) | One book and two magazines added. (6/3/04) | One picturesleeve, two magazine articles, one 45, two compilations, and two promo items added. (6/6/04) | Lyrics to Susan's Demo CD added. (6/9/04) | One Promo picture, one DVD, one picturesleeve, and two compilations added (and a couple duplicates removed). (6/17/04) | Thirteen compilations, one magazine, and one newspaper added. (6/21/04)

  • May 2004: The May pole is coming out early this month as I'm off to Branson and hopefully some new Beach Boy John pictures soon. Until then, enjoy these: Two midi files, one pinup, two books and seven magazine articles added. (4/30/04) | Enjoy some pictures of Beach Boy John from Branson, Missouri !! (4/2/04) | Lyrics added for a couple of Susan's 1970s singles It Might As Well Rain Until September and Mohammed's Radio. Also three compilations and one also contributed to's. (5/4/04) | Links and info added to the following pages Cowsills, Billy, Barry, John, and Susan. Also the picturesleeve for Cowsill Cult's record and one miscellaneous memorabilia. (5/7/04) | Four books and four compilations added. (5/12/04) | Two miscellaneous memorabilia, two picturesleeves, two compilations, one EP, and one Billy link added. (5/20/04) | Three also contributed to's and two books added. (5/21/04) | Three pinups and one miscellaneous memorabilia added. (5/29/04)

  • April 2004: A Concentration-type Memory Game, four books, one video, and Bubble Chart Listings added. (4/1/04) | Five books and the chart listings from Australia added. (4/4/04) | Six books added. (4/6/04) | Two compilations, Cowsill links, Barry links, Susan links and one Billy link, Bob link, and miscellaneous memorabilia added. (4/10/04) | Eight pinups added. Thanks Caren!! (4/11/04) | Two more pinups added. Thanks again Caren! (4/12/04) | Three magazine articles added. (4/15/04) | Six magazine articles and one pinup added. (4/16/04) | Two compilations, one Susan link and two Billy links added. (4/18/04) | Volume 1 Number 2 of the Cowsill Chronicle from 1970 added. (4/23/04)

  • March 2004: A Song By Any Other Language game added. (3/1/04) | Two compilations added. (3/4/04) | One sheet music, one promo ad and two compilations added. (3/12/04) | Two compilations , one 'also contributed' to, and one promo ad added. (3/19/04) | One new book mention and one poster added. (3/24/04) | Thirteen complilations, one also contributed to, one DVD, one picturesleeve, one Susan link (also with additional info) and three Cowsill links added. (3/26/04)

  • February 2004: Stop by and add your story to the poll section started. Also I hope you will enjoy the "Search This Site" feature. You can use that to check out the two new magazine articles and the one new pinup. (1/31/04) | Watch the Cowsills on Johnny Cash video. Also I added a Most Of All chart listing to the miscellaneous memorabilia page, two compilations as well as info added to two others. More info added to the also contributed to page, along with one promo ad and one promo picture, and one Did You Know fact. (2/1/04) | A flower logo favicon added. What is a favicon? Short for favorite icon, a customized icon that is used by Microsoft Internet Explorer (IE) versions 5.0 and later. When a user bookmarks a specific Web page, that Web page loads a customized icon into the user's browser, typically a tiny version of a company or Web site's logo. The favicon is displayed next to the Web site's name in the Favorites list and can also be displayed in the Links toolbar. (2/8/04) | One of several things here. Compilation, miscellaneous memorabilia, Cowsill link, Did You Know fact, and magazine article. (2/12/04) | Two newspaper articles, one Billy link, one Did You Know fact, and one Also Contributed To CD added. (2/20/04) | Two promo pictures added. (2/22/04)

  • January 2004: A fan clubs section started, five magazine articles added, some comments from Barry added to the As Is lyrics page and Jim Conway's interview with Barry (no longer available from the Louisville Music New site) has been typed in. HAPPY NEW YEAR !! (1/1/04) | One EP, one pinup and three magazine articles added. (1/4/04) | Four magazine articles and five compilations added. (1/8/04) | Two Did You Know facts, four Billy links, one Bob link, one miscellaneous memorabilia, and one also contributed to CD added. (1/9/04) | Two promo pictures and one magazine article added. (1/12/04) | Another promo added. (1/13/04) | Seven trivia questions, two also contributed to's, one Cowsill link, one hairhead link, two Susan links, two videos, one miscellaneous memorabilia, and four parodies added. (1/17/04) | Two magazine articles and two compilations added. (1/21/04) | Lyrics to Le Opere Di Bartolomeo added. (1/22/04) | Canadian Chart Listings added and five Did You Know facts. (1/25/04)

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