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Please join us in signing our petition for The Cowsills Induction Into the Rock and Roll Hall Of Fame! (9/17/04)

We have posted a rough Cowsill timeline as part of the Hall of Fame project. If you have any additions/changes please email me !! (9/25/04)

We will always be sadden with the news of Barry's death. (1/4/06)
And our world changed once again with Billy's death. (2/18/06)

  • December 2006: This month The Belair Bandits was added to the Other Bands page. This includes getting to hear John sing "Country Roads"! Also there's the December In Cowsill History, three magazine articles, three trivia questions, one compilation, one Cowsill link, two Susan links, one newspaper article, one poster and two Did You Know facts. (12/1/06) | Three magazine articles, one newspaper article and one pinup added. (12/3/06) | One picture of Beach Boy John around the world added along with one miscellaneous memorabilia Beach Boy poster and a Billy story. Also additional info added to the home page about the December 31, 2006 show. (12/4/06) | Seven new videos of John from youtube added to his links page. (12/5/06) | News of a John TV appearance added to the main page and John's page. (12/6/06) | Two magazine articles added. (12/9/06) | Video captures of John's appearance on IMUS In The Morning from this AM were added. (12/11/06) | Two newspaper articles added along with the next Covered In Vinyl offering. (12/13/06) |The Original Idols poster added to the poster page. (12/16/06) | Four Cowsill songs by other artists, one EP, one 45, one picturesleeve, one Steel Pier misc. memorabilia, and a couple compilations added. (12/19/06)

  • November 2006: Thanks to Norma K., you can read the memorial phamphlet from Billy's Calgary service (about 1/2 way down page - click on each of the four pages). I added Double Date to the section of bands Cowsill members have played in. And to this we have the November in Cowsill History, two more Cowsill songs performed by other artists and two compilations. (11/1/06) | Three labels and three wrappers, one promo ad, one poster and one miscellaneous memorabilia added. (11/4/06) | One pinup and two magazine articles added. (11/7/06) | Four magazine, one pinups, and two Taste of Rhode Island miscellaneous memorabilia added. Later in the morning I added a misc memorabilia in the form of a press kit. (11/10/06) | One transcript - including a clip with Barbara talking - and one also contributed to added. (11/15/06) | Two books and one newspaper article added. (11/16/06) | Two posters, one miscellaneous memorabila music survey (with Indian Lake as #1), two also contributed to, and nine compilations. (11/25/06)

  • October 2006: This month I have started a new section of Cowsills in Other Bands and specifically this month Bridey Murphy. Also there are two new miscellaneous memorabilia (including - thanks to Sandy - a look at the ToRI 2006 brochure), October In Cowsill History, three newspaper articles, one Did You Know fact, and some new pictures of the New Orleans memorial for Barry. (10/1/06) | One picturesleeve, four compilations, two wrappers, four labels, two Barry links, three Susan links, one Billy and one John link added. (10/3/06) | I sort of organized the miscellaneous memorabilia page and added to it 3 t-shirts and two Beach Boy posters from 2002. Also I added one Paul link, one picture of John performing, the latest Covered In Vinyl album, and one "also contributed to" CD to the discography. (10/14/06) | Two magazine articles and two Cowsills with Celebrities added. (10/18/06)

  • September 2006: This month we'll start off with a new feature called "This Date In Cowsill History." Also I finally got around to working on some of the Cowsill Connections newsletters from the early 90's. Also two compilations, three magazine articles, and one promo ad for TRTP added. (9/1/06) | One newspaper, four magazine articles and two pinups added. (9/4/06) | Two magazine articles added. (9/6/06) | The rest of the Cowsill Connections newsletters were added. (9/8/06) | Thanks to Gene for sharing the guitar tabs to Love American Style and Cowsills, Barry, and Susan links. While I was ad it I added a newspaper article, a comment about Beach Boy John and one compilation. (9/17/06) | A Mike Love comment about John added. (9/22/06)

  • August 2006: Lyrics for Susan's Jazzfest CD added along with one magazine article, three miscellaneous memorabilia including a page with the Doonebury cartoon, one promo picture, one compilation, one Also Contributed To, four Cowsill and Billy links, one Barry link and one Susan link. (8/1/06) | Two posters - including more info on the Rockscapes poster, one magazine and one book added. (8/5/06) | Thanks to Bruce Owens for sharing his interview with Susan on WLNA from July 27. (8/7/06) | One Cowsill link, two compilations, two promo photos and a comment about Beach Boy John added. (8/11/06) | One newspaper article added. (8/12/06) | Transcript to the 1990 Good Morning America show added. (8/13/06) | Another comment on Beach Boy John added. (8/15/06) | One newspaper article added. (8/20/06) | Two more comments about Beach Boy John, one label and one "also contributed to" added. (8/25/06) | Marsha Jordan has shared some great photos with us !! Also one promo picture added. (8/28/06 AM)

  • July 2006: A section of photos of our Beach Boy John from around the world added, along with three new comments. Also seven compilation, another "Hair" version added to the Cowsill songs done by other artists, one ad and two pictures added to the promo page, two wrapper, two art projects, two also contributed to CD's, and one newspaper added. (7/1/06) | Another comment about John, and some Billy news added to the front page. (7/3/06) | A great article that will appear tomorrow in the St. Louis Post Dispatch on Susan's St. Louis show was added to the newspaper section. (7/4/06) | Video capture photos of John on IMUS In This Morning today added. (7/6/06) | Video captures of John on GMA this AM were added. (7/7/06) | Two newspaper and five magazine articles added. (7/10/06) | Three magazine articles and one promo ad added. (7/12/06) | Two newspaper articles added. Also eleven links to videos with John as a Beach Boy. (7/14/06) | Thanks to Marsha, I have added a transcript of Susan's WMSE interview from June 2006 including a mp3 sound file of her singing Barry's "River Of Love". (7/15/06 AM) Two miscellaneous memorabilia, one On My Side picturesleeve and one poster added (7/15/06 PM) | One newspaper article added. (7/17/06) | Another newspaper article added. (07/19/06) | Another newspaper article added. (07/20/06) | Two newspaper articles added. (7/27/06) | Two more newspaper article about Collin added. (7/29/06)

  • June 2006: A section of Cowsill colored vinyl added. Also three newspaper articles, one compilation, one magazine, one promo ad and five promo picture, along with one record label. (6/1/06) | One newspaper article and six comments about Beach Boy John added. (6/3/06) | A link added for the Cowsills, John and Susan. Also two compilations and one miscellaneous memorabilia. (6/8/06) | Some fun news about the Hall of Fame Project added to the main page and a little family tree info added. (6/15/06) | The Swerve tribute to Billy added in the magazine section and the link to Cingular's "Hair" ringtone to the themes page. (6/17/06) | News that Susan will be singing at the Boston Red Sox game was added to the home page. Thanks Marsha !! (6/20/06) | Transcript of Susan's April 2006 Morgan/O'Hara show added. (6/24/06)

  • May 2006: A section of Cowsill songs done by other artists added, along with video captures from Susan's Blue Moon show on April 28th, four Billy links, four Cowsill links, one John link, one newspaper article, seven compilations, two DVD's, two EP's and one picturesleeve. (5/1/06) | Three books, three magazine, one promo ad and one promo picture. (5/2/06) | Two newspaper articles added. (5/5/06) | Ten magazine articles, one pinup and one miscellaneous memorabilia added. (5/7/06) | News from Marsha on Billy tributes/projects added to Billy's memorial page. (5/10/06) | Info on Billy's Newport services added. (5/13/06) | One newspaper article added. (5/15/06) | One newspaper article added. (5/19/06)

  • April 2006: We start this month by adding a great story and two photos by Dan Fitzgerald to the History 101 page. Also two transcripts , three books, two videos, three magazines, four trivia questions, five Did You Know facts, one pinup added. (4/1/06) | One each - poster, promo ad, trivia question, Did You Know fact, newspaper article, Cowsill link - and two transcripts and three compilations added. (04/2/06) | A couple bits of April info added to the front page and one CD added to the 'also contributed to' page. (4/4/06) | A liner notes and lyrics page added for the Painting The Day CD. (4/5/06 AM) | Lyrics to Sorrow Bound added. (4/5/06 PM) | Two promo ads and eight promo pictures added. (4/11/06) | One wrapper and three books added. (4/12/06) | A nice Billy obituary from Country Music News added. Thanks Marsha! (4/15/06) | The liner notes for Sorrow Bound, one Blue Shadows promo poster, three magazine and one newpaper article (Thanks Jennifer and more to come!) added. (4/17/06) | Three compilations, four magazine articles, two miscellaneous memorabilia, one wrapper and one label added. (4/22/06) | Seven magazine articles, three favorite pictures, and one celebrity added. (4/23/06) | Two more miscellaneous memorabilia added in. (4/24/06) | Info of Susan's Mountain Stage interview added to front page. Also lots of summer shows are in line for Susan. Check them out and if you're close at all, try to go support her!! (8:30 4/27/06)

  • March 2006: I started this month with adding two Billy Bits and Pieces including some video captures of drawings done by Travis. I added a mp3 of Barry's song Sweet Magdalena, six magazines, one newspaper, three trivia questions, one transcript, two labels, four compilations and one also contributed to. (3/1/06) One magazine, one more newspaper, one also contributed too and info on Billy's Sorrow Bound added to the main page. (3/1/06 PM) | Two promo ads and three CD's added. (3/5/06) | A transcript - including an audio clip - of the CKUA Tribute to Billy was added. (3/7/06) | Two compilations, two also contributed to, two 'Did You Know' facts and four Billy links added. (3/8/06) | One newspaper article added. (3/9/06) | The transcript of the February 23 radio show Rock Of Ages was added. (3/11/06) | Three more magazine articles added. (3/14/05) | Three more books, one picturesleeve and one label added. (3/18/05) | The transcript of Susan's Femme FM interview added. Also one Did You Know fact. (3/24/06) | One Hair promo ad and one 45 MGM wrapper added. (3/27/06)

  • February 2006: It is with more saddness then I can find words for, that we found out Billy died today. A small tribute has been started. (2/18/06) | A newspaper article regarding Billy's death added. (AM 2/19/06) Two more newspaper articles about Billy added. (PM 2/19/06) | Calgary Herald article and one from Victoria added. (AM 2/20/06) Six more newspaper articles relating to Billy and Barry added. (PM Part 1 - 2/20/06) Several new pages have been added to the Billy tribute section. Also I added some audio clips of Billy talking into the CKUA transcript. (PM Part 2 - 2/20/06) | Two more Billy newspaper articles added. (2/21/06) Two more Billy newspaper articles and a Bits and Pieces page added. (PM 2/21/06) | One magazine article about Billy added. (2/22/06) | I added a mp3 of Billy doing "Johnny's guitar (written about John Lennon) to the Bits and Pieces page. (2/23/06) | The People magazine article about Billy added. (2/25/06) | Another article about Billy added. (2/26/06)

  • Other February 2006: Five more pages added to the Barry Tribute. Barry - Bits and Pieces - WMPG interview transcript (including two songs to listen to) - Barry's Gretsch - Newpaper Articles - Barry's Memorial services. Also three compilations, one pinup, one Susan link, Susan's latest Covered In Vinyl, seven Barry links and one 'also contributed to' added. (2/1/06) Part 2: Found a fun newspaper article about Paul! (2/1/06 AM) | One yearbook and one program added to the miscellaneous memorabilia page. This yearbook is from Kansas State and has picture from the concert I was at. I also added this to my page about that concert. Another picture of Barry was added to my favorite pictures page and one promo. (PM -->) Four pinups, four compilations, and five magazine articles added. (2/4/06) | Three magazine articles, the 'Queen photo' info updated, and more info added on the New Orleans services for Barry. (AM 2/5/06) | Five more magazine articles added. (PM 2/5/06) | Marsha found this fun Barry newspaper article. (2/6/06) | Info to Barry's service in Newport updated. (2/7/06) | A new picture of Susan added to the favorite pictures page and also three newspaper articles including a great one on Susan. (Thanks Jen!) (2/10/06) | Another newspaper article with Susan added. (2/12/06) | Two pinups added. (2/14/06) | Two Cowsills and Celebs added. (2/16/06) | One newspaper, one promo ad, and one pinup added. (2/17/06)

  • January 2006: With much sadness we received news of Barry's death. A tribute to Barry was added. (1/4/06) | The guestbook - with Barry's responses - from his old website added. (1/8/06) | A page with some condolences added. Also the Monterey Herald obituary. (1/12/06) | A page of stories about Barry added. (1/22/06) | More details of Barry's services added from a Newport Daily News article. (1/25/06) | A few more Barry stories added in. Also info for a second Barry celebration added to the main page. (1/26/06)

    In other January updates: The lyrics and liner notes for Billy's new Co-dependents Vol 2 CD added. Also two newspaper articles, one picturesleeve, seven compilations, one misc. memorabilia, and two comment of Beach Boy John. (1/7/06) | Barry's link page was updated, one newspaper article, three magazine articles, and three CD's added. (1/8/06) | A newspaper article added. (1/10/06) | Two newspaper articles added. (1/13/06)

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