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Please join us in signing our petition for The Cowsills Induction Into the Rock and Roll Hall Of Fame! (9/17/04) We have posted a rough Cowsill timeline as part of the Hall of Fame project. If you have any additions/changes please email me !! (9/25/04)

We will always be sadden with the news of Barry's death. (1/4/06)
And our world changed once again with Billy's death. (2/18/06)

  • December 2007: This month we add the band The Textones to the bands page. Also adding three newpaper articles, two compilaitons, two miscellaneous memorabilia, one magazine, two Beach Boy John comments, two Cowsill related DVD's and one picturesleeve. (12/1/07) | Three magazine articles and four pictures of Beach Boy John Around The World added. Also some great news about Susan added to the homepage. (12/4/07) | Two magazine articles, two pictures of Beach Boy John Around The World, and four books added. (12/12/07) | Five John videos added (one especially fun) (12/16/07) | Some Susan news added to the front page. (12/21/07 AM) | Some John news was added to the front page. (12/21/07 PM) | Sad music community news added to the front page. (12/27/07) | One magazine article added. (12/28/07)

  • November 2007: Many, MANY thanks go out to Tom Hammel who gave us the chords to seven more Blue Shadows songs! Also a couple new games here. One called Box-In and the other Find The Cowsills. (11/1/07) | Info on where Barry was found was added to the Bits and Pieces page, along with four newspaper articles, one promo picture, four compilations, two miscellaneous memorabilia, one label, and two Bob links. (11/3/07 - AM) | Two magazine articles added. (11/3/07 PM) | Lyrics to Steve Pineo's tribute to Billy added to the Billy's Memorial page. Also two milk memorabilia and info on a miscellaneous memorabilia added. (11/6/07) | Three magazine and one pinup added. (11/9/07) | Two magazine articles, one newspaper and some additional info added to the family tree page. (11/15/07) | A John video link added. (11/19/07) | Thanks to Meredith Cowsill Chapman for sharing another reason to be grateful this Thanksgiving day. News of a new baby Cowsill. (11/21/07) | Two Did You Know facts, one magazine, one book, three newspaper articles and four compilations added. (11/24/07)

  • October 2007: New new game See How Few Cowsills You Can Leave , one picturesleeve, two Billy links, two Barry links, two article links and two video links for The Cowsills, three miscellaneous memorabilia, three more comments about Beach Boys John's new job, one compilation , and one Cowsill song by another artist added. (10/1/07) | One newspaper article added. (10/3/07) | Thanks to Tom Hammel for sharing the chords to The Blue Shadows Deliver Me and Think On It songs and Carol F. shares a photo of Bob from Taste Of Rhode Island. (10/4/07) | John doing "I Can Hear Music" link added to his page. Also two pinups and four magazine articles added. (10/9/07) | One Did You Know fact, one newspaper article, and three comments on Beach Boy John (including one from David Marks). (10/16/07) | A couple pictures of Beach Boy John, one magazine and one promo photo added. (10/24/07) | A link to another Beach Boy John (drumming this time) video added. (10/27/07)

  • September 2007: The Blue Shadows is this months feature band. Also adding four newspaper articles, two DVD, one pinup, two promo photos, two comments about Beach Boy John, three compilations, one Barry link, three miscellaneous memorabilia, one book, and pictures of 888 8th Ave added to the Cowsill houses page. (9/1/07) | Thanks to Misty for this picture of Beach Boy John her local show. (9/3/07) | Four magazine and one newspaper article added. (9/12/07) | News Flash about John added to home page. (9/15/07 AM) Three comments about the news flash added to the John comments page. (9/15/07 PM) | Three more comments about John's new job added to the comments page. (9/17/07) | Links to six more Beach Boy John videos added. (9/21/07) | A nice article on Barry added to the magazine section. (9/28/07)

  • August 2007: Thanks to Ginny for sharing pictures of the Lyric show in Florida ! Also The Dwight Twilley Band is this month's band. Also added are one newspaper article, twelve compilations, three miscellaneous memorabilia, two Cowsill links and two Cowill videos, one comment on Beach Boys John, one also contributed to, and August in Cowsill History. (8/1/07) | Two books and one magazine article added. (8/5/07) | News of a John TV appearance added to the front page. (8/7/07) | Great new Cowsill video link added. Thanks Jimmy!! (8/11/07 AM) | One Cowsill song done by other artists added, thanks to Larry. (8/13/07) | Video captures of John on Good Morning America this AM added. (8/17/07) | Links to six new Beach Boy videos added to the links page. (8/23/07)

  • July 2007: Billy's The Ronnie Hayward Trio is the featured band this month, along with July In Cowsill History. Also two transcripts, four compliations, two Cowsills links, three Barry links, one Susan link, two books, four posters, three Cowsill songs by other artists, one promo photo, four miscellaneous memorabilia, and three magazine articles. (7/1/07) | A fun interview from Your Navy Presents, one Beach Boy John comment, and a Susan interview on WBHM from 2005 added. (7/11/07) | A great fun video of John with John Eddie was found and link added. He sure can dance! (7/25/07)

  • June 2007: Billy's The Co-Dependents is the featured band this month and so I add Billy's companion Mitzi to the tributes page and another Billy story. June In Cowsill History has also been added along with a story(??) about a tribute song written for Susan about Barry. (6/1/07) | Thanks to Ginny for finding another great book. (6/8/07) | Susan's next Covered In Vinyl LP added along with three compilations, one Did You Know fact, and two posters. (6/11/07) | One poster, two miscellaneous memorabilia, one John quote, one promo photo, three books, two Susan links and two Barry links added. (6/13/07) -- Five compilation and three magazine articles added. (6/13/07 PM) | Eight links to youtube videos with John were added. (6/17/07) | Thanks to Moss-E (via Ginny) for finding some great video/slideshows of Billy. I have added them to the Billy Bits and Billy Memorials (under the Calgary section) pages. (6/28/07)

  • May 2007: The Bonhoffs is the featured band this month and May In Cowsill History has been added. (5/1/07) | Three magazine articles, one comment about Beach Boy John, one poster, and five trivia questions added. (5/5/07) | Three compilations, one Cowsill song by another artist, two also contributed to, and two posters added. (5/13/07) | Video captures from Billy's appearance on Lonesome Dove added. (5/13/07 PM) | The liner notes and lyrics for Susan's new release Covered In Vinyl Vol 1 added (5/17/07) | Thanks to Ginny for finding some great videos from Billy's Memorial at the Railway Club April 20, 2006. I added them to Billy's Memorials page. (5/22/07) | Three books, two newspaper, one miscellaneous memorabilia, one poster and five compilations added. Also thanks to Charles S. for finding two Original Idols in Evansville videos. (5/25/07)

  • April 2007: The Mamas and Papas added to the bands page. April In Cowsill History, seven guitar chords to Cowsills songs, and Susan's latest Covered In Vinyl album added. Also sound byte and video captures from The Generation Gap. (4/1/07) | Two Did You Know facts added along with one compilation, one DVD, and one Beach Boy John memorabilia. (4/3/07 AM) | A book with a great Billy story and some of the last photos taken of Billy were added thanks to Ginny !! (4/3/07 PM) | A astrology game was added for fun, Who Is The Cutest Cowsill? (4/4/07) | Three magazines, Susan's next Covered In Vinyl lp, one promo picture and one promo ad added. (04/12/07) | One book, four compilations, one poster and another London Records wrapper added. (4/21/07)

  • March 2007: The Beach Boys added to the bands page in honor of birthday guy John (check out the run of John parts of songs). March In Cowsill History, five guitar chords to Cowsills songs, and one Also Contributed To CD added. (3/1/07) | Two miscellaneous memorabilia, three compilations, one Billy link, one Cowsill song done by another artist, and one Did You Know fact added. (3/2/07) | Video captures from My Music: Movie Songs added. (3/8/07) | Two magazine, one compilation, two miscellaneous John BB memorabilia, one John with the BB's, one newspaper article, and one pinup added. (3/12/08) | One newspaper article added. (3/23/07) | one magazine, two compilations, one promo ad, one Beach Boy John comment, and one Did You Know fact added. (3/24/07)

  • February 2007: February starts out with additions of The Continental Drifters page on the bands page, February In Cowsill History, two books, Cowsill Chronicle Vol 1 No. 3&4 (Thanks Marsha!), more info added about The Cowsills LP cover to the Did You Know page, and one picturesleeve. (2/1/07) | One poster, on miscellaneous memorabila (Beach Boys poster), two compilations, one 45, and one also contributed to added. (2/3/07) | One transcript and two magazine articles added. (2/9/07) | One book, one newspaper, nine Cowsill songs by other artists (4 Silver Threads, 2 Indian Lakes, 1 We Can Fly, 1 Most of All and 1 Love American Style), and one story of Billy added. (2/13/07) | Two miscellaneous memorabilia, one wrapper, two magazines and a Valentine present for the Barry fans Boston Does the Beatles (scroll to end for a Barry song). (2/14/07) | Eleven Beach Boy John memorabilia (including seven t-shirts, a decal, bumper sticker, and 2 posters), one promo poster, four compilations, one Did You Know fact, two commments about Beach Boy John, one Barry Bit, and two Cowsill links. (2/20/07) | One newspaper added. (2/25/07)

  • January 2007: Blue Northern is this month's band featuring a Cowsill. Also we have the January 'This Date In Cowsill History', another comment on Barry, and two newspaper article. (1/1/07) | One transcript , one BB John comment and eight books added. (1/3/07) | One art, three Beach Boys posters, one Billy story and one record label added. (1/4/06 AM) | Two Did You Know facts, one transcript, two compilations, and three promo pictures. (1/4/06 PM) | More info from (articles) and about The Cowsills comic book, one link for Billy, Susan and John, one parody, one picture of BB John around the world, one miscellaneous memorabilia (a coaster from Kerry Irish Pub - thanks Jennifer!), and one milk memorabilia added. (1/6/07) | Two magazine articles, a couple compilations and a Blue Shadows sticker added to the miscellaneous memorabilia page (1/14/07) | Chords to five different songs added. (1/15/06) | Tributes to Denny Doherty and John Phillips to the tribute page. (1/19/06) | Two compilations, two promo ads, two miscellaneous memorabilia, and one wrapper added. (1/27/07 AM) | Fan club kit from the third fan club added. (1/27/07 PM)

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