What's New Around Here?

  • December 2013: Five newspaper articles, one magazine, three groups that opened for The Cowsills, some muster rolls for Bud, three promo ad, four Cowsills with Celebs and five Cowsills in TV shows. (12/1/13)

  • November 2013: Two newspaper articles, a couple compilations, two "also contributed to", two books, and info added to the Billy's House page. (11/1/13) | Seven newspaper articles, one promo ad, and a news item was added to the front page. (11/13/13) | Three timeline items, two promo ad, one yearbook and one news item added to the front page were todays updates. (11/15/13)

  • October 2013: Six timeline items (along with additional info on two others), five newspaper articles, two magazines, one pinup, three posters and one art item added. (10/1/13) | Five promo ads, one sheetmusic, two magazines, three compilations, and four newspaper articles added. (10/20/13)

  • September 2013: An mp3 of "Burning Sand" the first song John and Susan did with DT band added to their page, four promo ads, seven newspaper articles, one poster, two bands that opened for The Cowsills, one new photo of Beach Boy John around the world.(9/1/13) Four books, one promo photo, one pinup, and five comments about Beach Boy John added. (9/4/13) | A couple news items added to the front page. (9/6/13) | Lead singers added to each song on the lyrics pages. (9/20/13)

  • August 2013: Due to surgery, August is coming early here. The Blue Shadows press kit was added to their page, more photos, the program, postcard and poster were added to the Rhode Island Music Hall of Fame page, one poster, one magazine, two picturesleeves, eight promos, one Also Contributed To, and three comments about Beach Boy John. (7/24/13) | Seven newspaper articles and a tribute page to JJ Cale added. (8/1/13) | Two newspaper articles added. (8/12/13) | Susan's latest Covered in Vinyl added. (8/15/13)

  • July 2013: One poster, sixteen newspaper articles, note added about Family Band's Emmy nomination added to the Family Band's page, one label, and eleven promo ads start of this month. (7/1/13) | A couple compilations, six timeline items, and five books added. (7/4/13) | Thirteen newspaper articles and eight promos added. (7/10/13) | Two poster added (7/15/13) | We added an observation from Don C. to the Did You Notice page of A Family Thing. (7/23/13)

  • June 2013: Three poster, one tribute, two comments about Beach Boy John, thirteen timeline items, ten newspaper articles, and six promo ads start of this month. (6/1/13) | Ten more newspaper articles, two magazine, and three compilations added. (6/5/13) | Ten promo ads, one art, and ten newspaper articles added. (6/12/13) | Two new tour date was added to the front page. (6/15/13) | Six new dates and six more 'additional info added' items to the timeline. (6/17/13) | Eight newspaper articles, six promo ads and two miscellaneous memorabilia added. (6/19/13) | A tribute page for Barbara's sister Florence was added. (6/23/13)

  • May 2013: We start this month celebrating The Cowsills induction into the Rhode Island Music Hall of Fame! Along with that we have six newspaper articles, one Did You Know fact, one timeline item, two photos of Beach Boy John Around The World, and two Cowsills with Celebs photos. (5/1/13) | Six more newspapers articles, ten promo picture/ads, and one miscellaneous memorabilia. (5/3/13) | One transcript, one yearbook and one picturesleeve added. (5/5/13) | Five newspaper articles, one link and a couple videos added to John's page, a couple folks added to the credits page, five new items and additional information added to the timeline. (5/8/13) | One promo picture and one Did You Know fact added. (5/12/13) | Two promo, one poster and two Also Contributed To records added. (5/17/13)

  • April 2013: Starting off the month with a yearbook, nine promo ads, Cowsills take a cruise date added to the front page, and two poster added, and three Did You Know Facts being added. (4/1/13) | Thirteen timeline items, one magazines, and seven newspapers articles added. (4/3/13) | A memorial page for Gary Snyder was added. (4/10/13) | Six newspaper articles, three magazine, one book and one Did You Know fact added. (4/14/13) | Five promo ads, two books, one miscellaneous memorabilia and two new items and one additional info timeline items added. (4/17/13)

  • March 2013: Three yearbooks, three posters, four 45s, one label, two timeline items and four compilations . (3/1/13) | Four newspapers, three promo ads/photo, and two timeline items added. (3/3/13) | Six promo ads, eight newspaper articles and newspaper links added to the Family Band page.(3/7/13) | One picturesleeve, fifteen newspaper articles, six magazines, four books, and two miscellaneous memorabilia added. (3/10/13) | Thanks to Lois for three new milk memorabilia! Also added nine more newspaper articles. (3/18/13) | Three new show dates added to the front page. (3/22/13 AM) | Also a tribute page for Katie Lennon added. (3/22/13 PM) | Another show added to the front page. (3/27/13)

  • February 2013: Four newspapers, one miscellaneous memorabilia , one Did You Know fact, five timeline items and a couple compilations . (2/1/13) | Links to showtimes for the Family Band Showtime airing added to the front page, and Nathan's new baby girl added to the family tree, page. (2/5/13) | Two newspaper articles, one magazine, one promo photo, one poster and one timeline item added. (2/9/13) | Two more promo photos added. (2/11/13) | Link to ordering the Cowsills documentary DVD was added to the front page. (2/19/13)

  • January 2013: Seven magazine articles, two promo ads, one pinup, one EP and one picturesleeve added. (1/1/13) | Two books, one poster and an update on The Pranks added. (1/6/13) | Announcement of The Cowsills being inducted into the Rhode Island Music Hall of Fame added to the front page.(1/18/13) | News of the cable showing of the Cowsill documentary added to the front page. (1/28/13)

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