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Please join us in signing our petition for The Cowsills Induction Into the Rock and Roll Hall Of Fame! (9/17/04)

We have posted a rough Cowsill timeline as part of the Hall of Fame project. If you have any additions/changes please email me !! (9/25/04)

  • December 2005: This month we start out with a special pinup!!! (at the top of the page), fourteen books, a new game called "Who Said It?", video captures from John's IMUS In The Morning show, and two miscellaneous John comments. (12/1/05) | We have updated info on Billy's new CD and a radio show we can hear with Susan on the homepage. Also I added two newspaper articles, four compilations, and two labels. (12/2/05) | A Beach Boys poster added to the miscellaneous memorabilia, one newspaper article and one picturesleeve added. (12/5/05) | Two newspaper articles, two miscellaneous John comments, and one picturesleeve added. (12/10/05) | A newspaper article and the lyrics to Crescent City Snow added. (12/11/05) | The liner notes from the new CD version of We Can Fly added. Also some Susan news added to the front page. (12/12/05)

  • November 2005: I thought we'd add two other versions of The Cowsills singing "The National Anthem" to last months edition. Also one pinup and four new magazine articles. (11/1/05) | Seven magazine articles and three pinups added. (11/3/05) | With these six magazine articles I think I'm finally caught up for the time being. (11/06/05) | Four compilations, one also contributed to, one transcript, one Cowsill link, two labels and one comment about John added. (11/8/05) | One magazine, one promo ad and one promo picture added. Also added in some Cowsill record wrappers to the picturesleeves page. (11/11/05) | Three books added. (11/12/05) | One more book added. (11/13/05) | A magazine article added. (11/14/05) | Three newspaper articles added. (11/15/05) | One newspaper article added. (11/17/05) | John VCR alert added. (11/19/05) | The Globe article on Barry and one Did You Know fact added. (11/20/05) | A newspaper article added. (11/22/05) | Video capture pictures from both the CBS and NBC versions of John's Macy's Thanksgiving Parade appearance added. (11/24/05) | Info for a birthday gift for Bill added to the home page. Also a sneak peak of Billy's new CD. (11/27/05)

  • October 2005: Regular updates will remain on hold as we continue our quest to find Barry and return him to his family. But as I find more Barry articles etc. I will be adding them in. HOWEVER, to lift our spirits a little, you can listen to Bob and Susan sing the Star Spangled Banner. (10/1/05) | Article on Barry added. (10/3/05) (10/4/05) (10/10/05) (10/20/05)

    Things were piling up here and I was afraid I'd lose them so I went on and added some updates. One transcript, pinup, a couple posters, a John VCR alert, ten compilations, three labels, several picturesleeves, one promo ad, and several photos, one book, one miscellaneous memorabilia, one John comment and 14 magazine articles. Oh and how could I forget???? Peggy B. has shared some pictures of the "good old days" with us. (10/15/05) | One pinup, one miscellaneous memorabilia, one sheet music, one compilation, six Susan links, three Barry links, one Billy link, two picturesleeves and three labels added. (10/16/05) | Oct 29 and 30th shows added for Susan. (10/18/05) | An unusual cassette was added along with one DVD. (10/19/05) | Three magazine articles and one pinup added. (10/21/05) | Four magazine articles and two pinups added. (10/22/05) | Liner notes and lyrics to the Blue Corn Version of Just Believe It and also two newspaper article. (10/23/05) | Five more magazine articles added. (10/25/05) | Five more magazine articles added. (10/26/05) | One newspaper article added. (10/27/05) | One newspaper article added. (10/28/05) | One newspaper article added. (10/30/05)

  • September 2005: Let's see? Maybe I'm struggling to type, but I have gotten a few new things put together. I've added a few pages for Susan's band including some video captures from the Take Root Festival in 2004. I sort of redid John's Beach Boys page and added a page of BB promos with John. Then I made a page with record labels for the C's and lumped it together with picturesleeves and sheetmusic. And while I'm talking of sheetmusic, I added links to the tabs/chords for each song. Then there was 3 Blue Shadows promo pics, six compilations, and one John link. Also you can read Susan talking of the hurricane in this article.(9/1/05) | One newspaper article, two Susan links, one John comment, and one Beach Boys with John poster added. (9/2/05) | Site updates are on hold as we concentrate on finding Barry. However a couple of hurricane related newspaper articles have been added along the way and the transcript from tonights Entertainment Tonight show. Please if you have any resources to help in the search, jump in with both feet and use them. We need to find Barry!! (9/22/05) | A Calgary Billy/Barry article added. (9/25/05) | Another article on Barry added. (9/27/05)

  • August 2005: Since I survived the family reunion, let's start off August with a new game: Personalized License Plates. Also Jo has sent along some video capture pictures from Mike Douglas Show, Playboy After Dark, The Rain, The Park video and some more added to Music Scene. (8/1/05 AM) | Great news from Susan added to the index page and to her links page, along with a couple new shows. (8/1/05 PM) | One magazine and one compilation added. (8/2/05) | Forgive lack of updates. Not feeling well these days, but I wanted to remind everyone to catch John next week both Fri the 12th and Sat the 13th (according to NBC sites) on the Today show with The Beach Boys. Also I added one promo picture and one EP. (8/7/05) | One newspaper article added. (8/11/05) | One 45 and some info on another, two DVD, three picturesleeves, two compilations and one John comment added. (8/12/05 AM) | A link added to John's page so you can see one song from the BB's Today Show appearance. (8/12/05 PM) | Video captures of John's Today Show appearance added. (8/15/05) | One transcript, three celebs, one miscellaneous John comment, and one picturesleeve added. Also will slowly be adding in more navigation which I hope will make things easier to get to. (8/21/05) | A newspaper article added. (8/26/05) | Another newspaper article added. (8/27/05)

  • July 2005: Let's start July with a treat and some fun. The treat? This is the only centerfold of Bill I have ever seen! The fun? How about a Cowsill Montages game? Enjoy! (7/1/05) | Three new comments about Beach Boy John, three new Susan show and five new links, three Cowsill links, two compilations, one video, and one 'also contributed to' added. (7/2/05) | Two magazine articles and one promo photo added. (7/4/05) | One newspaper article and two more Susan links with pictures and Covered in Vinyl info added. (7/5/05) | A Covered In Vinyl page has been started for Susan's series. (7/6/05) | Four more magazine articles and two pinups added. (7/9/05) | Ten magazine articles, two pinups and one art / poster added. (7/11/05) | Three more magazine articles and two pinups added. Also I added one poster, one miscellaneous memorabilia, and one John link. (7/15/05) | Transcript of the Jimmy Wisner interview (Cowsill portions only) added. (7/16/05) | One picturesleeve, one miscellaneous memorabilia, three John links and one Susan link added. (7/20/05) | One newspaper article and three compilations added. (7/23/05) | A Billy VCR alert added to the front page and Billy's link page. (7/24/05) | Another newspaper article and two Beach Boy John comments added. (7/25/05)

  • June 2005: Pictures from John's Kansas City show added. (6/1/05) | Four compilations, one also contributed to, one promo ad, and one pinup added. (6/4/05) | Another John VCR alert added and a page of comments about John as a Beach Boy. (6/5/05) | A transcript from a WFMU interview from 1990 added. (6/8/05) | Ten magazine articles added. (6/10/05) | Two more people were added to the tribute page. Also two trivia questions, two pinups and one promo ad. (6/12/05) | Two transcripts, one picturesleeve, art pictursleeves added to the art page, one pinup, one newspaper article, and two more comments about Beach Boy John added. (6/18/05) | What is Susan's next Covered in Vinyl album? Check it out. (6/19/05) | Nine more magazine articles added. (6/24/05) | One newspaper article and one promo photo added. (6/27/05)

  • May 2005: A 'Cowsills and Celebrities' page started, five compilations, 2 promo ads, and one EP added. (5/1/05) | Three miscellaneous memorabilia, one magazine, and The Path Of Love chords added. (5/7/05) | New format started. (5/18/05) | Some new Susan shows added along with one newspaper article. (5/20/05) | A John VCR Alert added. (5/25/05)

  • April 2005: A tribute page has been started for those who have passed on which I have known because of The Cowsills. (4/1/05) | Two miscellaneous memorabilia and eight compilations added. Also Susan's show info updated. (4/2/05) | Two miscellaneous memorabilia, one newspaper article and one Did You Know fact added. (4/8/05) | BIG NEWS for Susan, two magazine and one newspaper article added. (4/14/05) | A Barry appearance has been added to his link page. (4/15/05) | A very cute Bob story and one Bob pinup added. (4/16/05) | A newspaper article added. (4/17/05) | One newspaper article, twelve magazine articles added. Tony Romeo was also added to the tribute page and two art work. (4/20/05) | One trivia question, two picturesleeves, one newspaper article, one DVD, five Susan links, one promo photo, two 45's and some info, and one also contributed to added. (4/24/05)

  • March 2005: Seven magazine articles, four pinups and one EP added. (3/1/05) | One promo poster from 1966, one did you know fact, one DVD, one also contributed and three compilations added. (3/5/05) | One pinup (thanks Caren!), one picturesleeve, and two miscellaneous memorabilia added. (3/9/05) | One Cowsill and one Barry link, one promo photo, one EP and four compilations added. (3/11/05) | Susan, Susan, Susan! One new link, new fav picture, and two compilations added. (3/16/05) | Transcript to Susan's radio show on KUT added. Also a review from one of her SXSW shows. (3/19/05) | Six magazine articles added. (3/21/05) | Lyrics to That Particular Way added. Thanks Barb!! (3/23/05) | One newspaper article, three also contributied to, and one poster added. (3/26/05)

  • February 2005: The fan club book from the first fan club added. Also one newspaper and two magazine articles. You can also check out two new parody, a link to a new game, four new Did You Know facts, a link to guitar chords for We Can Fly, and two miscellaneous memorabilia. And lastly, seven Cowsill links, two Barry links, two Susan links along with her JazzFest date added. (2/1/05) | One also contributed to, two promo, and two newspaper articles added. (2/3/05) | One newspaper article added. (2/4/05) | Four compilations, two DVD and one book added. (2/10/05) | Five magazine and one DVD added. (2/14/05) | One picturesleeve, one milk memorabilia, and one newspaper article added. (This article also linked off the Halidon Hall page.) (2/17/05) | One picturesleeve of a Billy 45 added. Same record added to the also contributed to page. (2/18/05) | A few Susan show dates updated. (2/20/05) | Another picture of Barbara and one of Susan added to my favorite pictures page. (2/22/05) | A Susan show for March 24 added. (2/26/05)

  • January 2005: Two new games added. One kaleidoscope and one Dot to Dot. Also five newspaper articles, four 45's, one Did You Know fact, two trivia questions, two miscellaneous memorabilia, and four picturesleeves. (12/31/04) | Two newspaper articles, five Cowsill links and three compilations added. (1/1/05) | Lyrics to Billy Cowsill Live From The Crystal Ballrooom added. (1/4/05) | One newspaper article added. (1/5/05) | One CD, two miscellaneous memorabilia, and two posters added. (1/10/05) | One book added. (1/13/05) | Three compilations, one also contributed to, and one picturesleeve country added. (1/14/05) | Two magazine articles added. (1/15/05) | Three magazine articles and three pinups added. (1/16/05) | Isn't this the most precious picture of Barbara and Susan that you've ever seen?!!!! I added it to my favorite pictures page. (1/19/04) | Transcript for the second set of Susan's Lousiana Connections show added. (1/20/05) | Transcript for the pre-show and first set of Susan's Lousiana Connections show added. (1/21/05) | Two compilations, a couple variations of picturesleeves, and some Susan info added. (1/22/05) | One newspaper article added. (1/23/05)

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