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Please join us in signing our petition for The Cowsills Induction Into the Rock and Roll Hall Of Fame! (9/17/04) We have posted a rough Cowsill timeline as part of the Hall of Fame project. If you have any additions/changes please email me !! (9/25/04)

  • December 2009: A page with info on Dorian's added along with lyrics to CIV 2 and liner notes from CIV2 . (12/1/09) | One yearbook, three timeline facts, three compliations , and three comments about Beach Boy John added. (12/6/09) | The latest Beach Boy John promo shot added. (12/7/09) | News of how to vote for Susan for the Off Beat Awards put on the front page. (12/8/09) | Two newspaper articles, four compliations, and one 'Also Contributed To' added. (12/11/09) | Seven timeline facts and seven promo ads added. (12/13/09) | A news item added to the front page. (12/15/09) | Transcript to John and Vicki's Interview with Artie Kornfeld added. (12/16/09)

  • November 2009: A page with info on Bambi's added along with two newspaper articles (including some recipes from Barbara), four magazine articles, and five compilations. (11/1/09) | Twelve promo ads, nineteen timeline facts, and five newspaper articles. (11/5/09) | Two magazine and six newspaper articles added. (11/13/09) | Lyrics to Susan's wonderful new Christmas song added. (11/17/09) | Two newspaper articles (including a great article about Billy's Calgary house) added (11/18/09)

  • October 2009: One transcipt with sound bit from Bob in a Cousin Brucie segment, probably 30 events added to the timeline (forgot to count), seven labels, one wrapper, update on a Did You Know fact, two comments on Beach Boy John, nine yearbook pictures, one Also contributed to, and five newspaper articles (including Barry's birth announcement and a nice 1971 Cowsill interview). (10/1/09) | Tim and Jessica shared their photos of the Cowsill Bench now in King Park - Newport, six magazine articles, two miscellaneous memorabilia, one promo ad, five compilations, audio of The Cowsills singing God Bless America in Houston 09/06/09 and three books added 10/2/09 | One art and ten newspaper articles added. Also news of the Holiday CD updated on the front page. (10/6/09) | Four promo ad, three newspaper articles, one dvd, and five compilations added. (10/10/09) | A page for Shelby Singleton was added to the tributes pages, three trivia questions, three also contributed to, and on John's link page one band, one link and one video added. (10/11/09 AM) | Two promo ads, three newspaper articles, three timeline events, five Cowsill links (and two videos), and two magazine articles added. (10/14/09) | Check out Billy's link page to hear from J. B. Jay Johnson - drummer from The Blue Shadows. (10/18/09) | Five newspaper and two magazines added. (10/23/09) | An update about Susan's Covered In Vinyl Vol 2 added to front page. (10/30/09)

  • September 2009: One Did You Know Fact with a link to a radio promo for St. Jude, seven magazines, two comments about Beach Boy John, two posters, two magazines, one miscellaneous memorabilia. (9/1/09) | One news item added to the front page, three magazines, and six promo photos added. (9/2/09) | Another news item added to the front page, three magazine articles, and one miscellaneous memorabilia added. (9/6/09) | My thoughts, pictures, video and a review of John and the Beach Boys in Fairfield, Iowa (along with the newspaper article added to that section) added. (9/8/09) | Two Did You Know facts and Susan's latest Covered In Vinyl added. (Snake's song can also be accessed through his photo page.) 9/12/09 | Five compilations, two magazines and one miscellaneous memorabilia added. (9/13/09) | News of two October release CD's added to the front page. (9/24/09)

  • August 2009: Going to start August early by adding in pictures and video from The Cowsills run in Branson, Missouri. (7/30/09) | Three books, one miscellaneous memorabilia, one transcript, two promo ads, and two posters added. Also lyrics to Susan's "Avenue Of The Indians". (8/1/09) | One poster, three comments about Beach Boy John , one Cowsill song by other artists , five compilations, four newspaper articles, and one Did You Know Fact added. (8/2/09) | Three new trivia questions, two timeline additions and the latest Covered in Vinyl added. (8/6/09) | Six magazine articles added. (8/9/09) | Six promo ads and seven magazine articles added. (8/10/09) | Seven magazine articles added. (8/12/09) | One picturesleeve, one miscellaneous memorabilia, and four magazine articles added. (8/16/09) | Two promo pictures, seven compilations, two newspaper articles, and four magazine articles. (8/19/09) | Four magazines, three posters, on EP and one picturesleeve added. (8/23/09)

  • July 2009: One Cowsill related band - The Pranks, one transcript, two magazines, and three books added. (7/1/09) | One comment about Beach Boy John, one label, one picturesleeve, one record wrapper, and three books added.(7/4/09) | Three posters added. (7/6/09) | Four newspaper articles added. (7/12/09) | Photos from Susan's show in Kansas City on Wednesday added. (7/16/09) | Link to short video from Susan's Knuckleheads show added. (7/19/09)

  • June 2009: One pinup, one newspaper, three promo photos, one book (who are those hippies?! hee), five magazines and some additions/corrections to the timeline were added to start off this month. (6/1/09) | One newspaper, four magazines, one DVD and four compilations added. (6/4/09) | One newspaper, one promo ad, one label and one wrapper added. (6/10/09) | Five magazines added. (6/14/09) | Three newspaper, five compilations, one also contributed to, and one comment about Beach Boy John added. (6/23/09)

  • May 2009: Susan turns the Big 5-0 this month. Let's all send her a different sort of present. Click here to see how. (5/1/09) | Lyrics and liner notes for Barry's US1 added along with five compilations. (5/3/09) | Two newspaper articles and one promo ad added. (5/4/09) | Five magazine articles and one milk memorabilia added. (5/11/09) | One newspaper article and Beach Boy John comment, along with one promo ad and four books was added. (5/15/09) | Two newspaper and three magazine articles added. (5/22/09)

  • April 2009: Let's celebrate Susan's 50th birthday a month early with a few things Susan. First a new band Susan plays with has been added. Check out the Happy Talk Band. Also added an ALL Susan magazine, along with two newspaper articles, two 'also contributed to', two compilations, two record labels, two wrappers, a concert date added to the front page, one miscellaneous memorabilia, and one poster added. (4/1/09) | Thanks to Connie for sharing this photo of this poster at Steel Pier in 1971. (4/2/09) | A picture of Barbara I had missed was added to the Teen Life Other References page, the liner notes for the new Captain Sad cd, two movies, one compilation, and one Cowsill link added. (4/6/09) | A clip of "Be Your Mother's Son" had been added to the Bridey Murphy page. (4/22/09)

  • March 2009: Five newspaper articles, six promo photo/ads, one magazine article, and three compilations start this month. (3/1/09) | Three newspaper articles added. (3/5/09) | Two promo ads, three compilations, and one transcript added. (3/6/09) | Three books and one newspaper article added. (3/14/09) | News added to John's page. (3/20/09)

  • February 2009: We start the month with five magazine articles, one pinup, one transcript and four compilations. (2/1/09) | Three books, one DVD, and one poster added. (2/6/09) | A news item was added to the front page. (2/7/09) | One transcript and one magazine article added. (2/11/09) | Four newspaper articles, one promo photo, and one miscellaneous memorabilia added. (2/13/09) | News of Barry's new CD is listed on his link page. (2/23/09)

  • January 2009: A new item was added to the front page. Also ten Billy links, three comments about Beach Boy John, and four compilations. (01/2/09) | Three newspaper articles and two promo ads added. (1/10/09) | Four news items added to the front page. Also one video link for Bob and one for Susan. (1/12/09) | Another news item added to the front page, along with the magazine article about the same. (1/14/09) | Six newspaper articles and three promo ads added. (1/18/09)

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