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Please join us in signing our petition for The Cowsills Induction Into the Rock and Roll Hall Of Fame! (9/17/04) We have posted a rough Cowsill timeline as part of the Hall of Fame project. If you have any additions/changes please email me !! (9/25/04)

  • December 2011: Adding one yearbook, two books, one 45, one picturesleeve and one tour date added to the front page. (12/1/11)

  • November 2011: This month starts with a miscellaneous memorabilia, one newspaper article, three books, three compilations, and one magazine added. (11/1/11) | One comment about Beach Boy John, five John links, one miscellaneous memorabilia and two Billy links added. (11/6/11)

  • October 2011: I'm starting this month with one transcript, two also contributed to, one other band, one tribute to Billy, one pinup and one miscellaneous memorabilia. (10/1/11) | One newspaper article, four books, eleven compilations, one picture of BB John around the world, four timeline item, one Did You Know fact and two Billy links added. (10/2/11) | A news item was added to the front page. (10/13/11) | One sheet music, one promo photo, one Cowsill link and two Susan links added. (10/16/11)

  • September 2011: Start the month off taking a stab at two new trivia questions. Also two yearbooks, two magazine and one book added. (9/1/11) | A Opened For The Cowsills band, two Beach Boy John comments, one poster, one Cowsill link, one label and one miscellaneous memorabilia added. (9/3/11) | Five newspaper articles and a review of Family Band added. (9/6/11) | One transcript, one promo picture, two magazine and four compilations added. (9/11/11) | Seven promo photos and one Did You Know fact added. (9/17/11) | A news item added to the front page. (9/21/11)

  • August 2011: A page for the new documentary Family Band: The Cowsills Story had been added along with one transcript, eight newspaper, one promo ad, eight compilations and one poster. (8/1/11) | Eight more promo ads were added. (8/3/11) | One addition/correction(??) made to the family tree, four Opened For The Cowsills bands, two also contributed to, three Beach Boy John comments, four timeline items, six newspaper articles, two books and six magazine. (8/6/11) | Two transcripts added. (8/7/11) | Two newspaper articles added. (8/9/11) | Two additional newspaper articles added. (8/10/11) | A 2012 show was added to the front page. (8/14/11) | Two newspaper articles, three books, one DVD, one miscellaneous memorabilia and four Cowsill links added. (8/21/11) | Two Bryant College early shows were added to the timeline and three Did You Know facts added. (8/24/11) | A couple corrections to dates on the timeline thanks to Mimi and some additional info on Bridey Murphy thanks to JPC. (8/29/11)

  • July 2011: Thanks to Nina Springer for sharing pictures and videos of Beach Boy John . (7/1/11) | Three magazine, four newspaper, and five compilations added. (7/3/11) | Two newspaper and one poster added. (7/11/11)

  • June 2011: Starting off this month is a page dedicated to Susan's involvement with the Hobart Brothers, along with four compilations, two also contributed to, four timeline items and one comment about Beach Boy John. (6/1/11) | Two books , four newspaper articles, one compilation , one poster , one miscellaneous memorabilia, three Did You Know facts, and one new appearance added. (6/11/11) | Donald Williamson shared a photo of Dorian's from the '60s. Thanks Don! (6/20/11)

  • May 2011: A news item was added to the front page. (5/3/11) | The two newest Covered In Vinyl LP's added along with one newspaper, one promo ad, and four magazine articles. (5/7/11) | Text for the ad for The Phophecy of Daniel and John The Divine added. (5/8/11) | A new tour date added to the front page, one newspaper article and one miscellaneous memorabilia added. (5/21/11)

  • April 2011: Two newspaper articles, one magazines, one publicity photo, five timeline items, one miscellaneous memorabilia, and one comment about Beach Boy John added. (4/1/11) | One tour date added to the front page, two compilation, one book, three video links for John and Billy, one timeline item and two newspaper articles added. (4/7/11) | News item added to front page. (4/8/11) | Tribute pages have been added for Phil Seymour, Jerry Naifeh, and Bill Pitcock IV. (4/10/11)

  • March 2011: Happy Birthday goes out to John on the 2nd. We start this month with a collection of bands/acts that have opened for The Cowsills . Also one promo ad and three magazine articles. (3/1/11) | One publicity photo, three compilations, two newspapers and three timeline items added. (3/6/11) | A tour date was added thanks to James! (3/7/11) | A news item was added to the front page. (3/8/11) | Brian C. found this article with more info on the dog from A Family Thing. (3/10/11) | A Cowsill show at BB Kings added to the front page. (3/20/11) | Thanks to Brian C. for sharing this newspaper promo from the Gimble's show. (3/21/11)

  • Febuary 2011: February sees us adding the lyrics and liner notes for the CD version of On My Side. Also the transcript of John's Vater interview, the ratings for A Family Thing were added to it's page, and two miscellaneous memorabilia. (2/1/11) | A news item was added to the front page. (pm 2/1/11) | Three compilations, one picturesleeve, five John video links, and one comment about Beach Boy John added. (2/4/10) | Thanks to Brian C. for sharing four magazine articles, five newspaper articles and one promo ad. (2/6/11) | Two 'Also Contributed to' albums, three Did You Know facts, seven books, two timeline items, and four magazine articles. (2/9/11) | Three newspaper articles, two compilations and one DVD added. (2/16/11) | Four books added. (2/22/10)

  • January 2011: Starting this year off there a page dedicated to Soundblast '66! added along with another country for Beach Boy John, four newspaper articles and one poster. (1/1/11) | Three books, two Cowsill links, three John videos, three compilations, one DVD, and one Did You Know fact added. (1/6/11) | Two magazines and two books added. (1/15/11) | A tribute page for Gladys Horton who passed away on the 26th was added. (1/27/11)

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